Million Citizen March Report


    According to the regime and its allies, our project is portrayed as a failure and those who work for it as political analysts are already burning candles writing obituaries of the Million Citizen March movement. We will be told Zimbabweans are peace loving people.

    Let it be known ladies and gentleman that March 1, 2011 was never going to be a mass turn out of suicidal bodies throwing themselves at the hands of Robert Mugabe’s killing machines. That would be very irresponsible for us to do.

    To us, March 1 marked the birth of a new form of war against tyranny. It is a war that is fought from behind that computer screen; it is a war that is fought on that BlackBerry. It is a war of the keyboard versus thousands of army regiments and battalions, State secret service agents and the police. Our agenda is to keep the army, police and State Secret Services operatives in the streets, and not the barracks.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Mugabe doesn’t own those agents. They are our brothers and sisters at work to feed their impoverished families. They are part of us. They are not Zanu PF property. Their role is to defend the nation, not Robert Mugabe and his mob. They are not tools of JOC; they are our soldiers, our police officers and our State security agents.

    So, when the conveners of Million Citizen March say yesterday’s call was a huge success; they say this on the back of a huge response by the dictator unleashing terror tactics into the streets. The whole Commander in Chief, Head of State deployed a full scale war-like army battalions and regiments of armored tanks, Airforce Jets zoomed in the air and helicopters hovered. Secret Services agents ran the mile looking for Million Marchers or trying to stop the Million March.

    They couldn’t find any!

    We’re not suicidal to turn up and get shot at or get our bodies exposed to inhumane forms of torture.

    We remained behind the computer screen, tapping the keyboard and clutching that BlackBerry and keeping the dictator and his henchmen at toes. We introduced a new form of weaponry to fight the dictatorship.

    Our objective

    Right, we have realised that we need to re-strategise our tactics to suit the modern times. Instead of gung-ho street running battled it is wiser to draw the insecure regime’s attention and force it to deploy its military Mighty into the streets of our Cities. That way will bring our brothers and sisters in the army, police, CIO, closer to us. This will give them a chance to re-connect with their people. You!

    So, in overall, our efforts will be to fight to keep our men and women in the streets and not in barracks. Keep the regime in jittery, 24 hours a day.

    When you see armed members of the army and police in the streets, greet them, give them cigarettes, give them water to drink, show them love. Bring them back to us by your show of affection. Don’t show fear, smile and say, hallo brother! How is the job? How is your family? Talk to them! They are our forces. They are our police officers. Only that way we can bring them to our side.

    There are those doing the usual lazy political analysis saying Military is key to Mugabe and Zanu PF, prove them wrong by adopting this long term strategy.

    A solider deployed to deal with rioting protestors is a different animal to one mingling with members of the public conducting their daily chores. There is more likely chance of engaging with the later than the former. Talk to them about daily life stuff.

    To prepare those registered on Facebook’s Million Citizen March for what is coming our way today.

    Expect the dictator to attack you all day at his rally in Harare this afternoon. In your small time activism, you will be called agents of the West or the West itself. You will be Britain and United States. Your names will be Blair or Bush, Cameron or Obama.

    Robert Mugabe will make all forms of threats and exhibit the usual fake anger and bang on the podium like Colonel Mammaur Gaddafi did the other day. We have had enough of that in his 31 year rule.

    Don’t be distracted.

    I urge you to look the enemy in the eye. Don’t waver. Don’t relent and don’t give in to cheap political gymnastics. The power of the keyboard has arrived. Use it and you shall prevail! Once again, I urge you to look at the dictator in the eye.

    Our objective now is to bring back members of the army, CIO and police back into the streets. This is a new form of war. We’re not throwing stones, but bringing our forces into the streets where they will eventually re-connect with the people.

    Once we have established that rapport, then we strike, with our forces on our side! Those are taking their time to register on Million Citizen March; the freedom train is not waiting. Numbers are swelling. Slowly, but they are. You can use a pseudo name.

    LOOK THE DICTATOR IN THE EYE! Is our new slogan!

    Together we shall prevail!

    Luke 1 Vs 37, "For with God, nothing shall be impossible".

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    The above is a statement by the Zimbabwe Million March group; The Zimbabwe Mail editorial has no input into it. We will give space to everyone (Zanu FP, MDC, ZAPU,) who has a statement we deem fits to be of national importance.