Ladies and Gentlemen – The Million March has come, the above is the symbol


    It is us, the people of Zimbabwe working as a team to reclaim our independence, freedom and authority.

    From all parties, MDC-T, MDC-N, MDC-M, ZAPU, ZANU PF, ZANU Ndonga, Mavambo, etc, we invite you to join us in the liberation of our country. We don’t seek to replace you as political formations, but we seek to compliment your efforts. We know your hands are tied.

    While our efforts are geared towards complimenting all opposition forces, let it be known that this is not formal opposition politics. We don’t need to be registered by Robert Mugabe and operate under the whims of his repression. We are what we are – yes, the people of Zimbabwe, all in one, driven by the agenda to see out this dictatorship.

    Tomorrow, March 1 is a great day for you Zimbabwean people. It is a day you will look back when all the hard work has been accomplished. It is a great day for the birth of a movement that will give this bunch of murderers presiding over this dictatorship a good run for its money.

    It is a day that unites all forces of good against forces of evil. It is a day that works to create a new Zimbabwe. A new Zimbabwe that is not only for those who claim to have died for this country only to plunder and pillage our wealth pocketing all the diamond proceeds wearing church robes.

    The moment you ask you’re charged for treason. Jonathan Moyo will tell the World that it is treasonous to raise an issue to do with the disappearance of US$300 million from government.

    Ladies and gentleman – you all know that what we are saying here is criminalised; from treason to subversive. Who cares! Those words are meant to protect a dictatorship. They will be used on anyone raising a genuine concern, well to do with the governance of our nation. We have got to fight this regime right to the end.

    We don’t have arms and we don’t seek to own them. We have the people’s power as battalions and regiments.

    March 1 is that day when the forces of good will seek to prevail with the mass protest – Zimbabwe Million Citizen March. The March protest march will kick off tomorrow March 1, 2011 and we know our folks will be cowed down and the fear factor will mean no serious street action.

    So, what do we do?

    Right, along with this statement there is a symbol which the Mass Protest – Zimbabwe Million Citizen March will adopt. The symbol of a fist covered in Zimbabwean red, gold and green will represent the people’s power.

    It is the basis of our collective action we all seek to achieve. The symbol will represent power to the people. Our target it to get a million membership by April 18, the Independence Day. By that time, we will have turned ourselves into battle hardened troops ready to take on the regime.

    We request you, in your thousands and millions, albeit including the CIOs and Robert Mugabe’s police officers, him and his family, his cabinet ministers, and militia, please re-register on Facebook and adopt the symbol as your profile picture.

    Join the Mass Protest – Zimbabwe Million Citizen March movement.

    It is a mass movement that is looking beyond the current discredited political process being used to resuscitate Zanu PF.

    We know there is enough fear in our people using their personal profiles and we also expect Robert Mugabe’s security agents adopting our symbol and trying to highjack the agenda. It is the duty of everyone as a member to identify those elements and don’t waste your time fighting them. The way ahead is long and bumpy, so you need all the strength and stamina to last the distance don’t waste it on side issues. Look in the eye of the dictatorship, don’t lose focus or get yourself distracted.

    Then there is the issue of the self proclaimed Zimbabwean political academic analysts. Please don’t read any charade from them. We have had enough of that in the years gone by. There is nothing new to come from them. All they will tell you is that you’re weary and tired. They will tell you that events in Tunisia and Egypt won’t happen in Sub-Saharan Africa, giving all sorts of concocted reasons.

    They will present their work in smart suits and in their articles, there will be pictures of smiling man and women, signing off as Doctors, Professors or so and so "currently studying Media studies at so and so University. We have had enough of that! Zimbabwean political case is one of the most analysed in the World without anyone getting it right. Gone are the days of the legends in the late Professor Masipula Sithole, Winston "Mwanawevhu" Makamure, the fearless, Sis Lupi Mushayakara. The rest coming now is mediocrity.

    Their opinions don’t matter to us anymore; after all, there is now a slim line between a Zimbabwean intellectual and a politician. All intellectuals have decided that Zimbabwean politics is now some form of employment, a money spinning career.

    In that respect, they think we should take all their mischief propaganda and accept it without questioning it. They have abandoned lecture rooms and they see us as one giant class room in which they try to indoctrinate us with their beliefs.

    Let’s resist it!

    For once, Jonathan Moyo is right; Zimbabwe is not Egypt, Tunisia or Libya. It will never be because it is Zimbabwe. The rest of his rambling is what puts food in his plate. He is paid to write propaganda. End of!

    Remember, when we fight this Zanu PF tyranny, we’re also facing a new group of individuals masquerading as academics who have embedded themselves in Zanu PF nationalism. Some are within the party itself and some are acting as non aligned liberals who make sporadic raids in the media with political articles meant to derail the struggle and aiding the regime’s agenda. They will tell everyone that the Zimbabwe military will devour all who dares cross its path.

    They write and say propaganda stuff on behalf of Robert Mugabe and this is creating fear in our people. Are we afraid of Robert Mugabe, the answer is NO! Do we get sucked into believing that he is larger than life, the answer is yes!

    There are no leaders in the Mass Protest – Zimbabwe Million Citizen March. You are all leaders and please let it be known that together we can identify the leaders and exercise some form of vigilance in case the enemy seeks to destroy us.

    Please never take hid to threats from the likes of Emmerson Mnangagwa and all those who portray themselves as super-powerful.

    New Testament, Luke 1 Vs 37, says, "For with God, nothing shall be impossible"

    Dr. Menoi
    facebook:  Seth Menoi or

    The above is a statement by the Zimbabwe Million March group; The Zimbabwe Mail editorial has no input into it. We will give space to everyone (Zanu FP, MDC, ZAPU,) who has a statement we deem fits to be of national importance.