“Yesterday Was Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddaffi, Tomorrow It's Mugabe”


    MDC USA has condemned the arrest of 46 gallant trade unionists and students by "the paranoid, out-of time, and soon-to-be history Mugabe Security apparatchik." They are being tortured which is against international law.

    Shamefully Zimbabwe is not among 147 state parties to the Convention Against Torture, which suggests a deliberate plan for dictatorship through repression by the Mugabe regime.

    “We also condemn the preferring of treason charges on these peace loving fellow Zimbabweans, whose only crime was to watch videos on the people’s revolution in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled those countries’ long standing and loathed dictatorships,” said an MDC USA spokesman.

    “We would not put it beyond the severely compromised dictator and his henchmen to engage in such desperate measures as their house of cards begins crumbling around them,” said the spokesman.

    As one dictator after another bites the dust, he said, we would see many more such desperate yet cruel measures taken against fellow countrymen. Some people are now being arrested over cartoons in a clampdown on freedom of expression .

    "Since when has the watching a video of foreign dictators at the receiving end of their peoples’ wrath became treasonous in Zimbabwe.

    “Only dictators, those of a similar disposition see treason from behind every bush. Such desperate measures embolden rather than cow the people of Zimbabwe.

    “Yesterday it was Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, the deranged Muamar Quaddafi is currently in the cross hairs of a popular uprising and having very sleepless nights.

    “We stand with the people of Libya at this historic juncture. The world is watching the callous disregard of human life at the hands of hired thugs. We hope no Zimbabweans will be used to suppress this uprising.

    “Tomorrow will be Mugabe’s turn. There is no going back, only forward towards the people’s freedom and away from the clutches of dictators, who are long past their sale by date,” he said.

    It is ironic that treason charges are preferred against the 46 the same week Mugabe marks his 87th birthday.

    How many Zimbabweans are celebrating 87th birthdays after Mugabe’s dictatorship destroyed Zimbabwe’s once world class health care system – bringing life expectancy down from 60 to 44 in 15 years?

    And Mugabe does not even dare use the Zimbabwean hospitals, preferring instead foreign hospitals, which he ought to be ashamed about, said the MDC USA.

    The treason charge and the charges against many more Zimbabweans including the COPAC Co-Chairman Douglas Mwonzora and other MDC activists languishing in Zimbabwe’s notorious prisons is hardly what the country needs on the 87th birthday of the country’s leader.

    The MDC USA demands change and including:

    a)      The immediate unconditional release of all political prisoners including the 46,

    b)      That the police and other security organs realize that they were sworn to uphold the law, serve and protect people of Zimbabwe and not individuals,

    c)      That the army emulate what happened in Egypt and refuse to be used to bludgeon and kill fellow Zimbabweans,

    d)      That the regime look itself in the mirror and realize that no weapon of war is stronger than the might of the people and

    e)      That Mugabe please go and go away now. Your autocratic, blood thirsty and barbaric lot were resoundly rejected by the people during the 2008 elections.

    “To the people of Zimbabwe, we members of the MDC-USA salute you for your resolute stand against dictatorship. We have suffered enough and together we will make our country a true democracy that recognizes and rewards hard work, honesty and tolerance not cronyism, corruption, nepotism and ZANUISM. We are the change we deserve and we shall not rest until we achieve it”. – Changezimbabwe