'MAKOSI' arrested on suspicion of fraud

Former Big Brother UK star Makosi Musambasi has been arrested on suspicion of fraud after allegedly producing a dodgy driving licence.\r\n

The 30-year-old Zimbabwean also had thousands of dollars in cash when police halted her Smart car.

Police asked Makosi for her licence but, not being satisfied, hauled her into custody at Plumstead police station, South East London.

Makosi who came third in a 2005 Big Brother show was held 20 hours before being charged with driving with no insurance and driving on an expired provisional licence.

Makosi started to work as a nurse when she was 18. In 2005 her working visa was curtailed and she either had to get out of Britain or appeal the decision.

Musambasi was allowed to stay in Britain as a refugee when a tribunal ruled that there was danger to her in returning to Zimbabwe, after her behaviour on Big Brother. The ex-nurse got intimate with winner Antony Hutton and in a hot tub and kissed many of her fellow contestants, including women.

Makosi will face Woolwich Magistrate Court next month.