None but ourselves – MDC youths


    Addressing hundreds of MDC youth members in Johannesburg this week, Giyani Dube, the party’s youth chairman for Johannesburg district, called on Zimbabweans, especially the youth, to take up the fight to put the country on its rightful path to democracy and economic prosperity, both destroyed by President Robert Mugabe during his 30 years of misrule.

    “For long we have relied on African leaders to solve Zimbabwe’s problems, but African have always let the people of Zimbabwe down and it is now time we did this for ourselves,” said Dube.

    “African leaders have shown us that they will always side with Mugabe and Zanu (PF) because they regard these as fellow revolutionaries and want them to continue ruling Zimbabwe, but we have said that we are tired of Mugabe’s misrule and we have a right to choose who should govern us.”

    “It is high time we united, not only as MDC members or MDC youths, but as Zimbabweans, especially the Zimbabwean youth, to demand the leadership we want and that is a leadership that will listen to and follow the will of the people,” said Dube.

    Dube called on Zimbabwean youths, especially those within his party, to mobilise towards the country’s impending elections, which Mugabe insists should be held this year, adding that the 87-year-old leader should realise that he is not the only person capable of leading the country and pave way for new brains.

    “The writing is on the wall for Mugabe and his killers, who must know that they will not kill us all and the winds of change that have swept through Zimbabwe will sweep them out of both office and political existence.”