Zanu (PF): The Guilty Are Always Afraid


    The government’s paranoia about what is going on in North Africa shows a government that is full of fear because it knows about its own illegitimacy – even after being given legitimacy by SADC, Zanu (PF) delegitimises itself, then panics.

    What is left now, just as in Libya, is for those in Zanu (PF) who dissociate themselves from what Zanu (PF) is doing to jump from the sinking ship now, otherwise be prepared at a later stage, to be swept away together with Zanu (PF).

    The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers who are being used to arrest activists; the prosecutors who are being used to keep innocent MDC supporters in detention despite being granted bail, the journalists who are churning out propaganda – all for crumbs off Gushungo’s table – should not turn around and say we did did not know what we were doing.

    Police are said to have issued a warrant of arrest against Job Sikhala, a government opponent for banter that goes on social networking sites and news websites everyday.

    In fact one could say they have been lured by Sikhala to polish his political star which had stopped shining. He did not have to do much – just post the same derogatory comments that Facebook is already full of.

    Sikhala and others’ speculations about the state of the President’s health were in fact caused by lack of information, or disinformation, by the government’s own propaganda machinery, with Mugabe’s own spokesman George Charamba making contradictory statements about the President’s health.

    Initially he said the President was not in hospital during his holiday; he was just on holiday with his children! Then a few weeks later he said the President had gone back for a review after a cataract operation performed while he was on holiday!

    This rightly prompted Sikhala to comment that Charamba forgot that he had lied once, and should therefore have kept up his lies about the holiday, and not mentioned about any cataract operations. For that he has been issued with a warrant of arrest or "invited" to Harare Central for "questioning," which normally means torture, especially if you are an opponent of Zanu (PF).

    But students and trade unionists attending an informative meeting about what is going on on the continent, viewing videos and listening to analysts, to be also arrested for planning “to inspire and motivate people to demonstrate against the government” is the height of paranoia.

    Those who used to be ailing-President-Mugabe’s henchmen, but who are now his handlers – wheeling him around, and ensuring that he is drugged and prepared for brief, choreographed appearances for the television before he falls asleep – are clearly panicking.

    And in their panic they are creating the same conditions of repression which Zimbabweans fought against in the not-so-distant past. Having fought for freedom, nobody can now take it away again.

    Arresting activist Munyaradzi Gwisai and his fellow students of social change will not stop the groundswell of Zimbabweans wishing their government would just just go away, because they are failing to remove it democratically.

    It was Zanu (PF), as Mugabe is always fond of saying, which lit the flame of democracy and freedom in Zimbabweans, but now it is trying extinguish it – a Mission Impossible – and for that reason Zanu (PF) has every reason to fear an uprising – despite that nobody is even thinking or talking about it.

    What Zimbabweans are waiting for is the implementation of the Global Political Agreement; they went to elections and voted for the MDC; but after violence and trickery, the GPA was used to delay the inevitable, with what Zimbabweans thought was a transitional government to soft-land the crisis.

    Constitutional amendments leading to an even political playing field, and free and fair elections, which Zanu (PF) committed itself to after it lost the 2008 elections were supposed to be next.

    If this does not happen, and soon, then Zanu (PF) fanning the flames for its own destruction. All those who are being used by Zanu (PF) to thwart this change, through torturing their own brothers and mothers, through spying ad propaganda, will find themselves on the wrong side of inevitable history.

    It does not matter which country, when people are truly fed up – and Zimbabweans have been very patient with Mugabe – fear disappears and the attitude which says; "either way we are dead" takes over, then the people become unstoppable.

    A survivor of torture at the hands at the hands of the CIO, Military Intelligence, and the Police, Charles M. Mutama, is appealing to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to send financial and material aid to support Munyaradzi Gwisai and and the 45 other students, trade unionists and citizens who have been arrested, among them Tafadzwa Choto and Mike Sambo. Best contact would be through their lawyer, Marufu Mandevere.

    You can also Phone and Complain to the Harare Central police station where they are being detained +263-4-777-777 or +263-4-777-777 or send letters of complaint to representatives of the Zimbabwean government in South Africa, the US and the UK at:

    Ambassador (SA) Mr P Mphoko, fax – 012 342 5126; Consul General Mr. C Mapanga, fax – 011 838 5620.

    Ambassador (US) Mapuranga, 1608 New Hampshire Ave, Washington, DC 20009; Phone: 202-332-7100 Fax: 202-483-9326, E-Mail: info33@zimbabwe-embassy.

    Ambassador (UK) Zimbabwe House, 429 Strand, London, WC2R OJR, Tel: 020 7836 7755

    Fax: 020 7379 1167. Mutema can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

    Mutama was arrested at Nyamutamba Hotel with Job Sikhala, Gabriel Shumba, Taurai Magaya, and Bishop Shumba in 2003 and detained at Harare Central Police Station.

    Eventually, he was taken to an unknown destination blindfolded and interrogated for eight hours using an electric gadget, beatings with booted feet and clenched fists, and urinated on while being accused of plotting a legitimately elected government.

    He said he could hear Job Sikhala screaming next door appealing for mercy from his interrogators. The case was dismissed by Magistrate Caroline Chigumira. – Changezimbabwe