Warrant Of Arrest For Sikhala Over Face Book

HARARE, – ZIMBABWE Republic Police (ZRP) have issued a warrant of arrest against Job Sikhala, the leader of the other faction of the Movement for Democratic Change, MDC 99.\r\n

Sikhala, who formed MDC 99 after being kicked out of the MDC-M, said the warrant of arrest was issued over comments on Facebook.

ZRP Harare Central Police CID Law and Order issued the warrant of arrest against Sikhala on Sunday night. “This is a shocking development. The warrant was issued over comments on FACEBOOK,” said Sikhala.

The leader of the MDC-99 faction Job Sikhala, could become the first Zimbabwean politician to be charged over comments he allegedly made on his Facebook profile. Sikhala said he is being accused of writing on Facebook that 87 year old Mugabe had died in Singapore where he had gone for treatment.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Behind the Headlines programme Sikhala said on Sunday night police left a note at his home requesting that he report to Harare Central Law and Order section. After allegedly telling his friends on the social networking site that Mugabe had died, Sikhala is further alleged to have said if they wanted more information on the ‘breaking news’ they should contact him.

The former MDC MP for St Mary’s said the police left a note which had phone numbers for him to call. “I called them and they told me they wanted to interview me over a message circulated on Facebook. I told them I’m not coming. If they want to arrest me, I am at my house. I will never go and surrender myself. I am really tired of this harassment,” he said.

Another message on Sikhala’s Facebook read, “Charamba and the State media forgot to lie again about Bob’s health. The president has gone for a check up on his operated eye. So he was not resting in Singapore in the first place. I hope the cataracts in his brain are removed so he sees the truth. Everyone is waiting for you to die, QUICKLY!”

Meanwhile Sikhala defended himself saying his Facebook account was run by his party’s information department based in the United Kingdom and South Africa. He accused Mugabe’s regime of being paranoid and said they were panicking over events in Egypt and Tunisia where oppressive regimes had fallen because of street protests.