Rwanda Youth And Sports Minister Joseph Habineza Resigns After Photo Scandal-

Rwanda's youth and sports minister, Joseph Habineza, has resigned following allegations of improper behaviour.\r\n

The announcement came after photos began circulating on the internet showing Mr Habineza in intimate poses with several women.

Mr Habineza told Rwanda’s The New Times newspaper that he had resigned for personal reasons.

"But when you see people publishing pictures and all that, it is not good for your image as a minister," he said.

The photos, which Mr Habineza says were taken in 2008, were published on Sunday on an opposition website called Le Prophete.

Most of the 11 photos show the minister dancing or cuddling with one woman in particular in a well-furnished room.

The person who posted them said he was a university student and wanted to show how the government was spending lavishly.

The BBC’s Geoffrey Mutagoma in the capital, Kigali, says the affair has become the talk of the town.

He says it is the first time a minister has tendered his resignation in such circumstances.

caption: Minister Habineza pinned to the wall by university student

caption: The minister of youth with Rwandese youth at his apartment

caption: Habineza ministering unto the youth

caption: Minsiterial squeeze

caption: Haba! minister Habineza

caption: The minister, the youth and no sport!