Mutambara must accept court order – Ncube faction


    Bulawayo’s Justice Nicholas Ndou ordered on Wednesday that Mutambara stops from exercising any function as the president of the MDC splinter group which broke away from the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC.

    Justice Ndou gave Mutambara 10 days to oppose the interim relief order which was granted to stop him from representing the smaller MDC formation as its leader.

    MDC spokesperson, Nhlanhla Dube told the Daily News that his party went to court to stop Mutambara’s ‘circus’ and prevent the robotics professor from sowing confusion in the party.

    Mutambara was expelled by the national council led by Ncube after he declared that he was still the MDC president pending a High Court case in which former party national executive members challenged the holding of the congress that elevated Ncube to the party’s presidency.

    Mutambara had earlier said Ncube had been dismissed from the MDC.

    Dube said Mutambara was in the political wilderness after he was expelled by the party and had no-one behind him in the MDC.

    “We took the route to go to court to clarify leadership change in the party. As far as we are concerned, he (Mutambara) has no valid reasons to oppose the court order. He is a dead man walking,” Dube said.

    “The party will continue with its programmes as per the mandate given by congress.”

    Dube said Mutambara, who stepped down at the party’s congress last month to become an ordinary member, should act according to his plans to remain an ordinary member and not continue fighting for positions in the party.

    “This is a lesson to our generation that they should speak and act democracy and not speak and act autocracy,” Dube said.

    In the High Court application the MDC sought that the court declare that Mutambara was no longer the president of the party and to prevent him from exercising any function vested in the presidency of the party.

    Ncube’s party resolved to elevate their leader to become the Deputy Prime Minister and principal in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) in which Mutambara would become the new Regional and Integration minister.

    President Robert Mugabe reportedly told Ncube that he would not remove Mutambara from his government post. Ncube and his party backed down on the plans accusing Mugabe of breaching the GPA. – Daily News