Mutambara leaked secret information to Mugabe – MDC-N


    Several attempts right up to the time of going to print to verify these sensational and scandalous claims with Mutambara himself were fruitless 

    The MDC said the dismissal of Mutambara last Thursday resulted from information that emerged from a Tuesday meeting between the party’s new president, Welshman Ncube, and Mugabe after Cabinet, and an in-house investigation aimed at party operations that had been the subject of intense Zanu (PF) interest.

    MDC deputy spokesman Kurauone Chihwayi told Zimbabwean newspaper in an exclusive interview: "The President told Ncube that Mutambara knowingly shared classified intelligence, including party information.”

    Secretary-general of the MDC Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga said: "Mugabe had notes on all meetings that Mutambara had with senior party members, including details such as which restaurant we had coffee at when we discussed party matters.”

    Misihairabwi-Mushonga, who is also minister of Regional Integration and International Cooperation, accused the Deputy Prime Minister of being a "sellout." The sensational details of the covert operation were used as the principal basis for the party’s decision to fire Mutambara. But party officials in Mutambara’s faction said they found it "amazingly hypocritical" that "Ncube’s National Council" was revealing the outing of Mutambara as a secret Zanu (PF) operative only after failing to have him recalled from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

    Ncube had met Mugabe after a Cabinet meeting said to be "tense" and demanded that Mutambara be removed from his post as a deputy prime minister. But Mugabe flatly rejected Ncube’s demands to replace Mutambara, saying he loved working with the robotics professor.

    He reportedly said "angifuni" or "I don’t want." Mutambara argues he inked the unity deal with Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, and his party has no right to recall him and his office was a creation of the Constitution. Ncube accused Mutambara of further tilting the balance of power in favour of Mugabe in the troubled unity administration. – The Zimbabwean