Zimbabwe’s NCA salutes the people of Egypt


    The 18 days at Tahrir (Liberation Square) through difficult conditions demonstrated your commitment and unity in the fight against oppression. It was indeed an inspiration to the people across the world and in particular those of Zimbabwe who continue to reel under iron fist rule of Robert Mugabe. It was a show of the fact that the right to self determination can still be asserted even in the most trying of political environments.

    What happened in Egypt and Tunisia should send a clear message to the last breed of dictators around the world that the people’s power will soon catch up with them. As the NCA we urge the transitional military rulers in Egypt to ensure that there is respect for all human rights, including the right to freedom of expression and association, as the country steps forward to democracy.

    We also hope that the people of Egypt will be accorded the chance to write a new constitution and determine the nature of governance system they aspire for.

    We are now in a new era in which democracy should be the norm and no longer be a point for clamor by the global citizenry.

    Meanwhile we wish to register our utter disgust for the recent scale of violence that have rocked the country especially the capital Harare. The ugly scenes witnessed in Mbare and the recent march by ZANU PF youths is a cause for concern and it shows the high levels of political immaturity and intolerance especially from the parties in the inclusive government.

    We are aware that the use of violence is a strategy by ZANU PF to intimidate the people so that they vote for them in the upcoming elections.
    As the NCA we do not condone the use of violence as a campaign tool. Sadly what we have noticed from the past is that women and especially the youths are the `main victims of violence and as an organisation we are putting measures in place to curb or at least discourage violence.

    Through the ‘Act Now Against Political Violence Campaign’ we are building response and preventive mechanisms in communities to this barbaric scourge that politicians especially from ZANU PF have been thriving on.

    We also note our displeasure with the performance of both Ministers of Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi and Theresa Makone in failing to decisively deal with the scourge of violence.

    Further, we demand an end to violence and call for peace and tolerance amongst all Zimbabweans.