Mugabe suffers yet another health setback


    President Robert Mugabe is said to be suffering mounting severe setbacks in his recovery after what had been initially billed as a minor medical procedure in Singapore last month.

    His Spokesman told the State media that President Mugabe flew to Singapore for a medical review on a cataract operation.

    However, last night, a senior official in the President’s close security told our reporter that the President collapsed on Wednesday night and his wife commandeered the troubled national airline plane to fly him to Singapore for further medical consultation.

    Mugabe is struggling to shake off the pain after his prostate flared last month, and other problems associated with his age have complicated his recovery.

    The Zimbabwe Mail can also reveal that most senior Zanu PF officials only got the word about Mugabe’s latest health setback from the media.

    Only Vice-President John Nkomo and Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa accompanied the First Lady and her ailing husband to the Harare International airport amid heavy security.

    Last month speculation was rampant in Harare and backed up by several well-placed sources that the 86-year-old had rushed back to Asia for a prostate operation, prompting a frenzy of succession plotting among the feuding factions in Zanu-PF.

    Mugabe, one of Africa’s longest serving leaders who turn 87 on February 21, last month dismissed as "naked lies" media reports.

    "We were just resting," said Robert Mugabe on his return from Singapore.

    The state-owned Sunday Mail said opticians in Singapore, where Mugabe spent a month-long holiday with his family from the end of December, had scheduled a review for the veteran leader.

    Mugabe’s health remains a closely guarded secret. The veteran leader told Reuters in an interview last September that he was surprised by constant media speculation over the issue but hardly paid any serious attention to it.

    The Zimbabwe Mail revealed that a senior Zanu PF official constantly gave updates on President Mugabe’s health and also speculated that he would declare himself fit in front of State media and that he would crawl back into bed, away from the public glare.

    A heavily sedated Robert Mugabe is said to be in 24 hour medical surveillance by a team of Malaysian Medical doctors housed at Phillip Chiyangwa’s (his nephew) house, a stone throw from his mansion.