ZANU PF xenophobic violence indictment of sunset party


    Thousands of unemployed criminals including members of the notorious Mbare based Chipangano hooligans were hired to unleash terror on foreign owned business in a ZANU PF sponsored looting spree. 

    Honest and hardworking businesses lost millions of dollars in stolen goods ranging from laptops, cellphones and other electrical gadgets in a criminal act disguised as a political demonstration.

    This incident has clearly shown that even the so-called young Turks in ZANU PF like Kasukuwere and Supa Mandiwanzira  who were the brains behind this criminal act are just as caught in a time warp as the out of touch geriatrics at the helm of the sunset party .At least the older generation in ZANU PF can be forgiven because of their age but what can one say about young people like Kasukuwere who clearly demonstrated that they are unaware of the seismic shift that is currently underway in world economics

    Firstly, any self respecting politician who believes that Zimbabwe can gain by triggering a xenophobic war against South Africans, Nigerians and Chinese is a dangerous lunatic who has no business in national leadership. For every fool in town knows that if the nationals of the aforesaid countries are going to also declare such an ill advised war against Zimbabweans in their countries, it is Zimbabweans who will suffer more.

    Go to any street in South Africa and you will meet millions of Zimbabwean vendors, traders, small scale business people and not forgetting various professionals who are doing their business at least without state sponsored violence and harassment directed towards them. Politicians like Kasukuwere and Mandiwanzira must not forget that it is these Diaspora based Zimbabweans who have kept Zimbabwe afloat through their remittances that have enabled them to make money through the grabbed companies they control via ZANU PF benevolence and patronage.

    The argument advanced by these charlatans that foreign nationals should be banished from small to medium enterprises like retailing in favor of indigenous Zimbabweans defeats the intelligence. In fact, in a country like Zimbabwe suffering from chronic mass unemployment of over 90%, SMEs must be encouraged because they have proven the world over that they are the real engine for economic growth and employment creation.

    In this globalised world, the nationality of entrepreneurs must not matter. In fact it creates innovation, competition and ultimately lower prices if more and more SMEs from all over the globe are to compete for the Obama dollar. If we as Zimbabweans are good business people we must be able to outcompete these foreigners in the market place of business ideas rather than using brawn to get what we cannot get through brain.

    The other laughable argument from this useless group masquerading as national leaders is that foreigners should only be restricted to those big businesses in the commanding heights of the economy. They don’t even realize the irony that they are sending a message that says Zimbabweans are only good as grinding mill and  beer hall operators as well as retailers and its foreigners that must participate in the equivalent of Zimbabwe’s fortune 500 companies. Such an argument is the equivalent of crying that foreigners cannot come to be garden boys and baby sitters, they should leave that to Zimbabweans and would only be accepted as managers, engineers etc. What rank madness has gripped the so called Young Turks in ZANU PF?

    The problem with such a grasshopper minded campaign by the somenumberlists pretending to be ZANU PF young Turks is that they view the world from a strictly bipolar perspective. They only, see “we” and “them” instead of seeing” us” in this globalised world hence this attack on Nigerians and South Africans, fellow black Africans. 

    Further to that they are so drunk with their ZANU PF propaganda of indigenization that they see the world from a Black versus white perspective .This world is a world of the past and not the future. Are these thugs aware that by 2030, whites will be a minority in the USA? Are they aware that by 2050, blacks will be the majority in France and Britain? Or that the majority of the next generation Zimbabweans will be of mixed race?

    In this century protectionism will not work .It is because of protectionist policies that what was supposed to be a recession in the 1930s mutated into a great depression because countries panicked and enacted protectionist policies. This xenophobic violence is an act of protectionism. The danger with protectionism is that once one country starts it, the other affected countries will follow suit in a reciprocal act meaning that it’s going to stifle trade amongst countries which is the cornerstone upon which prosperity is built in this century

    Therefore Zimbabwe cannot afford to turn inward, South Africa cannot afford to turn inward, Nigeria as well as China cannot turn inward. This is the great lesson from the great depression but it seems as though the ZANU PF so called young Turks are now too enamored in the cry baby and lootocracy syndrome that they cannot recognize how dangerous this war they are triggering will be to Zimbabwe if the countries of the affected nationals respond to Zimbabweans in their shores in kind.
    This is why even at the height of this current recession in 2008, all the world leaders meeting under the aegis of the G20 committed themselves not to resort to protectionism.

    The call for protectionism was so loud that some populist short term focused politicians even in the USA Congress were calling for all the stimulus money to be used only on “made in America” products. This was rejected by President Obama because although such a move could have been populist for a few days, it is unsustainable because the world is now far much more intertwined than at any time in human history.

    Even recently, the world leaders moved swiftly to contain a potentially disastrous so called currency war that had been triggered by disagreements over the actual value of the Chinese yuan/ remnimbi and also the effect of the US Fed ‘s 600 billion dollar QE 2. All these measures are meant to avoid protectionism because the world leaders know that it is counterproductive in the medium to long term

    Thus a clear message must be send to the so-called ZANU PF young Turks. Future Zimbabwean generations will judge you on what you can build and not destroy, the companies and brands’ you create and not steal and the friendships you promote between Zimbabweans and people of other nations, all nations. This reckless xenophobic attack on business is self serving and must stop forthwith

    Garikai Agenda Chimuka is the Director of GMRI CAPITAL Political Research Series and can be contacted at