Welshman Ncube says he has fired Mutambara


    But Welshman Ncube, the new leader of the splinter Movement for Democratic Change, said Thursday that President Robert Mugabe has refused to replace Arthur Mutambara, a deputy prime minister in the coalition since it was formed in 2009.

    Mutambara says he won’t step down, arguing he signed the deal with Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of the main opposition and is entitled to stay on, alongside a Tsvangirai deputy.

    Ncube’s group has branded Mutambara a "sellout" to Mugabe and says he adds weight to Mugabe’s hand in the already skewed power sharing government.

    The spat between Mutambara and Ncube is a Zanu PF is said to be a Zanu PF hatchet job in which both men are playing a roll to influence the end of the coalition government, an impeccable source close to President Mugabe revealed this morning.

    The source, whose identity cannot be revealed, said President Mugabe is working with both Mutambara and Ncube in order for them to pull out of the coalition government.