Zanu (PF) Youths Take Terror To Schools

HARARE, – ZANU PF youths have taken their terror further by informing headmasters in Harare that they must leave at least two days a week for lessons about the liberation struggle, Radio VOP can reveal.\r\n

"We have been asked to teach for three days and the other two days we must teach children about Zanu PF and the liberation war," a headmaster told Radio VOP in an exclusive interview.

He said most headmasters were not following this advice but were being victimised by the youths who go from school to school asking whether the children are, in fact, being taught about their party.

On Monday this week several hundreds of rowdy youths terrorised citizens in Harare especially shop operators when they raided some of the shops in the Central Business District (CBD).

The youths claimed they were protesting against the slow implementation of the new and unpopular Indigenisation Act by government.
"We are teachers and should not be forced to do what the party wants us to do but we cannot refuse," the worried headmaster said.
He also said they were being forced to donate cash and in kind for President Robert Mugabe’s 87th birthday bash under the banner of the "21st February Movement".

The movement was formed by the current Minister of Information and Publicity, Webster Shamu, and is meant to honour and praise the ailing President Mugabe annually.