Dictatorship must be confronted now – Sikhala


    “The time has come for the oppressed people of Zimbabwe to adopt new tactics aimed at telling Mugabe enough is enough. We must demand our birth right and freedom from tyranny,” said Sikhala.

    He said the ballot was a tested and failed solution to the political crisis and no right thinking political leadership should give it another chance. It serves only to legitimise the illegitimate losing candidates and spill the blood of the innocent electorate.

    Sikhala called on self-respecting and democratic movements not to take part in elections in which Mugabe is a candidate, as the veteran dictator would manipulate the outcome and steal the ballot.

    “Should Mugabe go it alone like he did in the June 2008 Presidential election re-run, his victory would be as hollow as that claimed by the toppled Tunisian President, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and the besieged Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. With people out on the streets, Mugabe would desperately seek for dialogue with his rivals but, unfortunately for him, the forces of democracy would be no longer prepared to give him a listening ear. Any continued disrespect of the wishes of the people by Mugabe and Zanu (PF) should build up to mass confrontation with the dictator.

    Null and void

    “Democratic parties should not waste resources preparing for elections whose outcome was already declared null and void by Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Didymus Mutasa, Service Chiefs and other Zanu (PF) zealots. Instead, every effort must be directed towards confronting tyranny. It will eventually crumble under the weight of people power. Warnings by Zanu (PF) strongmen that they would never surrender power to political leadership lacking armed liberation credentials are not idle threats, as Zanu (PF) has clung to power despite losing elections to MDC since 2000,” said Sikhala.

    He said given Mugabe and Zanu (PF)’s total disrespect towards the laws of the land, there was no reason to believe Mugabe would play according to rules set by the new constitution. So, the much-awaited supreme law would be of no consequence to the conduct of Zanu (PF).

    Sikhala said his party was warming up for a final and decisive people-centred uprising against dictatorship as the end of tyranny was in sight. He suggested that Mugabe should be confronted before elections are held, as conducting elections with the octogenarian leader still on the political scene would see innocent people killed for their political beliefs.

    “There is simmering anger in hearts of the oppressed and ballot-robbed masses of Zimbabwe. We need a focused and brave political leadership to lead the masses in the protests. In the past, Zimbabweans were prepared to stretch as far as it takes to stage resistant marches, but were let down by untrustworthy cowards masquerading as revolutionary leadership. What people expect is a strong leadership which does not chicken out in the middle of the mass protests and seek refuge across borders while the defenceless majority is slaughtered by the dictator’s dogs.”

    Sikhala pointed to the revolution in Tunisia that toppled the tyrannical head of state on January 14. It was ignited by a poor vegetable vendor who set himself on fire in protest against grinding economic hardships caused by dictator President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. The unemployed Tunisian graduate, Mahammed Bouazizi, 26, doused himself in petrol before setting himself alight after police confiscated his produce for illegal vending. The tragedy sparked mass riots which forced the head of state to flee the country. 

    I would die

    “I am prepared to ignite the fires of freedom and set wheels of confrontation in motion. I have a vision, an idea and principles that I am prepared to die for. I would rather die in the course of realizing a noble idea than just as a mortal human being. If I die in pursuit of a noble idea, the idea would remain as a living legend after me. As MDC99 leader, I am prepared to lead people in a revolutionary uprising against dictatorship. Even if it means I should get to the street alone, let it be,” vowed Sikhala.

    He said another option to rid the nation of dictatorship was through resurrection of the army like what happened in Egypt. “Service Chiefs could issue as many threatening speeches to democratic forces as they wished, but the rank and file of the armed forces was not that ignorant of reality as to take ill-advised instructions from a selfish command element. Low ranking soldiers were reeling under grinding poverty like any other struggling masses and there is no way they would implement orders to suppress mass protests against tyranny,” he said.

    Mugabe made it abundantly clear that Zimbabwe independence came out of the barrel of the fun and would not be surrendered to political rivals through a stroke of a pen at elections”.


    Commenting on Arthur Mutambara’s crumbling political fortunes, Sikhala said the ousted leader of the former MDC-M deserved the humiliation as he was never MDC but a visitor to the democratic movement party.

    “Mutambara had never participated in MDC politics. He was invited and came to MDC as a visitor. No visitor should expect permanent residence at the house of his host. Mutambara was kicked out because he overstayed his invitation at MDC.
    Good riddance”.

    He said even if MDC99 was desperate for supporters, Mutambara and Mugabe would never be accommodated in the democratic movement party at whatever level.

    Commenting on Ncube’s request for Mugabe to recall Mutambara from government, Charamba said: “Welshman Ncube must deal with the political problem in MDC arising from that party’s congress. Ncube recently arm-twisted Capac into kicking out MDC members who opposed his assumption of power to satisfy his political interests and he should not expect every institution to similarly bend to his will. You don’t bring dirty political hands for the president to wash them.” – The Zimbabwean