Town House besieged again by Zanu PF terrorists


    Anti-riot police moved in and cordoned off the area between Jason Moyo Avenue and Speke Avenue, Julius Nyerere Way and Leopold Takawira Street — where Town House is situated.

    They managed to keep out the mob, but several city officials had already bolted out of the offices.

    Harare deputy mayor Councillor Emmanuel Chiroto said officials fled the municipality building as the youths approached, singing and chanting Zanu PF slogans trying to force their way in.

    As a result, business came to a standstill, Chiroto said.

    “We were supposed to have meetings to set up strategies for the city, but today was a wasted day as people fled from offices,” he said.

    Chiroto said the situation was getting out of hand and service delivery was being affected.

    When NewsDay visited Town House around mid-morning, Zanu PF youths were chanting slogans and singing from a distance as anti-riot police sealed off the building.

    Chiroto said they had noticed and were concerned that two council employees were part of the group. 

    “We have two council workers who are giving us problems and are leading all these demonstrations at Town House,” Chiroto said.

    For close to four hours, the youths waited outside the municipal building, but slowly dispersed when police showed no signs of leaving.

    Wednesday’s attack was the second such incident in less than a week, but this time reasons for the assault on the city’s headquarters were unclear.

    Last time, Zanu PF activists descended on Town House protesting against the slashing of the urban maize crop.

    The youths were apparently led by Jim Kunaka, Zanu PF’s provincial youth chairperson.

    He did not come clean over reasons for yesterday’s attack on Town House.

    “Call me after 10 minutes. I am in a meeting,” Kunaka said. Efforts to contact him later were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

    Fanuel Mutasa, the chairperson of the Transport Association of Zimbabwe Harare Chapter, claimed his group was responsible and that their intention was to stop Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from addressing transporters.

    He said his group had heard that Tsvangirai intended to address them and they had organised their members to stop him.

    The police, however, appeared to have been tipped off about the planned attack on Town House and took positions before the mob arrived.

    Anyone entering Town House was subjected to thorough search and vetting by the police.

    MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa accused Zanu PF of believing their own lies.

    He denied that Tsvangirai wanted to address supporters at Town House.

    “Zanu PF and ZBC are twins in desperation. That is rubbish, we have better thinkers in the MDC-T,” he said.

    “They (Zanu PF and ZBC) can convince themselves that they are women and believe that.” – NewsDay