Mutambara to be expelled from party


    Mutambara the former party leader who became the subject of major discussions on the media at the end of January may soon be ex-communicated from the party for failing to heed to a congress decision to step down from his Vice Premiership and siding with Robert Mugabe.

    Speaking to the media on Monday, the MDC’s UK chairman, Abraham Mdlongwa responded saying: “The attitude of the UK party structures of the MDC is that the MDC has issued a lawful instruction regarding the re-deployment of its personnel in government. Party members are required to obey this lawful instruction and any party members who act to the contrary will face disciplinary action in terms of our party code of conduct”


    Mdlongwa added saying that the support Mutambara has received from Mugabe is a sign that Mutambara has always been a Mugabe-fanatic. Mugabe told a luncheon hosted for him by the country’s ambassador to Ethiopia: “It creates legal matters, it complicates issues. They were able to remove him politically, but legally he was sworn in as a Member of Parliament. I swore him in as Deputy Prime Minister.

    “It’s up to him if he wants to resign, but if he refuses, well, we are stuck, but the Global Political Agreement will go ahead.”

    The party wrote to President Robert Mugabe informing him of the demotion of Mutambara who has been ear-marked for the post of minister of Regional Integration and International Co-operation which was held by the skillful party cadre and Ncube loyalist Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga, who is to take over the ministry of Industry and International Trade.

    Ncube ousted former party leader Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara after a common consensus was reached to remove him. But rebels led by one Joubert Mudzumwe have maintained that Mutambara is still the leader of the party which is now known as the MDC-N following Ncube’s election.

    Quoted by Radiovop, Kuraone Chihwayi, the deputy spokesperson of the MDC-N said on Friday his party’s national standing committee met and decided to refer the issue of its “ambitious prodigal sons ” to the party’s disciplinary committee headed by Jacob Moyo. (ZimEye, UK, Zimbabwe)