Zimbabwe Media Self-Defeating


    It is not a secret that the MDC is the only political party that stands a chance of removing Mugabe’s dictatorship through a peaceful election, though it will need the support of the SADC and the AU to clear the ground of violence and election-rigging.

    It is also not a secret that Morgan Tsvangirai is the MDC candidate, and indeed that he is the face of the struggle as far as the voters of Zimbabwe are concerned.

    But we find New Zimbabwe.com, the most commercially successful news website on Zimbabwe, writing about non-existent relationships that the Prime Minister is said to be having – all, it seems meant to tarnish Tsvangirai’s name.

    As far back is a few months after the Prime Minister Tsvangirai lost his wife, he has been linked with no less than five women by the media, including the Standard, all quoting "close relatives and friends" of the Prime Minister.

    But all the stories are quietly buried when they discover that there was no truth to them, yet the damage would have been done.

    Some self-appointed media know-it-alls also go as far as claiming that the relationships are causing a rift in the MDC as "some senior figures in the MDC-T” who are never named, are said to be dead set against the relationship because the woman is "suspect".

    Suspect because she is the blood sister to to some Zanu (PF) MP in some convoluted relationship with the deputy ambassador to Australia! The stories are endless.

    But it seems to be getting worse with newzimbabwe.com taking an increasingly hostile tone towards the MDC in general – and creating none-existent conflicts within the MDC.

    The news website wrote that Elton Mangoma had launched "a thinly-veiled attack on Finance Minister Tendai Biti over fuel the crisis" – complete with a front page graphic of the rift.

    But when one reads the story, all it says is that Mangoma said the state-run National Oil Company of Zimbabwe was unable to import fuel after the revenue authorities raided its account over unpaid debts.

    The story broke early last year that Noczim was not paying what was due to the revenue authorities, and apparently they have been given all this time to rectify the situation, which they apparently failed to do, leading the revenue authorities to take the action they did.

    All that Mangoma is quoted as saying is that fuel supplies were had stopped from South Africa and “..in the middle of all this, we had our own domestic affairs with $35 million disappearing from NOCZIM, which was due to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra).”

    New Zimbabwe then speculates that as Zimra falls directly under Biti’s ministry, it is unlikely Zimra would have raided the Nozim account without Biti’s approval.

    That hardly sounds like a clash or a thinly veiled attack as NewZimbabwe’s headline put it.

    It is a known fact that Nozim, just like all parastatals that are staffed by Zanu (PF) cronies is corrupt, so Zimra’s action has exposed the corruption where Noczim managers were putting way money on the pretext that the money was for the revenue authorities, but ended up using the money on themselves – which is corruption.

    This is not "one arm of the government (Finance) sabotaging the other (Energy). It is up to Mangoma to sort out the corruption at Noczim and get fuels flowing again, but Biti is certainly right to insist on getting his revenue.

    But the important thing is that this is not Biti "attacking" Mangoma, nor is it Mangoma attacking Biti. It is simply newzimbabwe.com trying to create conflict where there is none, which raises a question their motives.

    New Zimbabwe’s slant is further exposed when it keeps referring to “underperforming” MDC ministers Theresa Makone and Engineer Mudzuri, yet Prime Minister made it clear in his reshuffle that he was simply redeploying Ministers to where he thought they would best perform. They have never written about under performing Zanu (PF) ministers.

    Makone is already proving herself at Home Affairs, though recent events have shown that she is really going up against is the Zanu (PF) cabal itself and that she will need to toughen up her act, which she cannot do without support, which is so far not forthcoming from the the Presidency.

    Fortunately the masses in Zimbabwe do not read much internet, and the only people who could be brainwashed by NewZimbabwe are the diaspora, most of whom are well exposed to several sources of news and can therefore read through newzimbabwe’s biases.

    New Zimbabwe was supporting Welshman Ncube, but when his bid for control of the MDC floundered the newzimbabwe.com seems to have lost direction, leading to comments like: "Apa mashaya nyaya…" (There is no story here) etc from its own readers.

    We are not saying the MDC or Tsvangirai are infallible, only that let’s maintain our focus on removing the dictatorship, support the only winning team – the MDC Team, so that we might have a rational government and and accountable government and start building again.

    With that change, the stage will be set for changing laws, developing a modern constitution, and rational systems of developing resources, and running a democratic media and country. – Changezimbabwe.com