MDC not stalling constitution – Chamisa


    Zanu (PF) believes the Minister of  Finance, Tendai Biti , who is also the MDC-T’s secretary general is deliberately under funding the process.

    Nelson Chamisa, MDC-T party spokesperson said the constitution gathering process has actually been a casualty of Zanu (PF).

    “It is Zanu (PF) that has been mudding the whole process. They are the ones spoiling the soup by creating excuses and blaming the MDC-T. Our party needs a new constitution more than anyone else,” said Chamisa.

    Zanu (PF) officials have been accusing the MDC-T in various interviews with the state media of stalling the funding of the constitution making process as its party controls the finance ministry through Biti.

    Chamisa said: “Zanu (PF) should not blame the MDC-T for under funding the process simply because Biti is the finance minister. Biti is a finance minister of government.”

    Chamisa  said every time that Zanu (PF) pointed a finger  at  the MDC-T, four other fingers would be pointing at them.

    “They have never embraced any democratic process,” he said.

    Chamisa said the MDC-T as a party in the inclusive government is fully supportive of the constitution making process and would not participate in any elections before a new constitution is in place.

    “We have said it before that as a party we won’t be party to any elections without a clear road map. There has to be electoral reforms first before we  even start talking  of  the elections,” said Chamisa.

    The constitution- making process that began last year has limped from one month to the next and failed to meet its scheduled  completion dates  because  of  lack of  money, maladministration and political bickering among the three political parties.

    Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana, who co chairs Copac with Douglas Mwonzora has on several occasions said his committee does not have enough money to complete its mandate. – Daily News