We're told by Newzimbabwe.com of "Zanu PF fury over Mugabe health report"


    As you read through that Newzmbabwe.com article Zanu PF anger over Mugabe health report you will see there is no shade of a Zanu PF official position besides one paragraphs from Robert Mugabe’s spokesman cum bodyguard George Charamba, a mere Civil Servant who has no official position in the party.

    Well, what he said was very predictable of him to tell us that his boss was feelin irie (to quote from the Rastafarian expression of state of peacefulness or harmony).

    Then, as one goes further with the article, there comes The freak Eggy; yes, yours truly, the discredited, unemployed Political science Professor Jonathan Moyo, the returning prodigal son, the comeback kid, churning out his usual venom and firing volleys from the hip at the West and all those not on the side of The Emperor:

    We’re told by our friends at Newzimbabwe.com that Moyo stormed; Moyo stormed: "Who are these people, are they witches or are they Good Samaritans genuinely concerned about the President’s health? What is it about this time every year that they peddle this tired story?

    "As much as they are interested in his health, we are interested in their interest because it seems to be underwritten by malice. Just look back, the record will show this happens every year.

    "The President cannot have a vacation and he cannot even have an annual medical check-up. If the President has flu, and he goes to see his doctor, they start sneezing everywhere.

    "We are sick and tired of this annual ritual. These people who have become specialists at peddling this story must prove their lies and leave us alone. They start a rumour and when they realise they can’t give substance to it, they start calling us for comments, asking us to deny or confirm their rubbish as if that is our responsibility."

    Moyo said Zanu PF’s view was that the President’s whereabouts during his official leave was not in the public interest.

    He added: "He is on leave, and where he is not anyone’s business. The essence of private leave is that these people who are looking for him everywhere must not know where he is.

    "They are interested in things that he is doing and things that he is not doing. He can’t see a dentist, he can’t see a doctor and when they see him shopping it’s a big deal as if they would rather have him without clothes."

    Wait a minute, isn’t that the Zanu PF official position comes from Rugare Gumbo, the party’s Secretary for Information and Publicity? OK, Moyo has just been roped back into the party and you would certainly say he is already on a mission to replace Gumbo, but that’s not the issue. Where is the Zanu PF anger in this newzimbabwe.com article? Where is the Zanu PF official position on Robert Mugabe’s health in this article?

    So, is it fair or claim professional competence, that Newzimbabw.com, for 48 hours, couldn’t publish a widely covered speculative story about Robert Mugabe’s health but find it comfortable for a Herald copy and pasting hatchet job on "Tsvangirai’s love affairs"?