Dangerous Political Pigmy, Priscilla


    The quest for political power has produced some intriguingly funny, little people, harmless, unobtrusive, but a bit irritating. Of late, I have been following the outbursts of Priscilla Misiharambwi Mushonga, the new Secretary General of the same fragment [call it MDC-N] and I find her very shallow.

    When the MDC split, Priscilla became very fixated of dangerous politics.

    Of late, she has been peddling the argument that Zimbabweans vote on tribal lines. Priscilla wants to play politics of appeal to pity, yet forgetting that what civilized people vote for are national policies rather than personality cults.

    She appeals to the ravages of Gukurahundi. I very much side with all sane and sundry that the Gukurahundi culprits should be brought to book, and that the ZANU [PF] government then, should be held responsible. Mugabe and his acolytes should be charged for manslaughter.

    This is not a matter of Ndebele or Shona, but a national catastrophe. Ndebeles suffered in as much as Shonas, Tongas, etc suffered at the hands of the Fifth Brigade. If there were dissidents as what motivated this manslaughter, the government was right to quell any insurgency, without condoning the method used was right. The homicidal acts of the 5th Brigade was and remains criminal.

    Justice should prevail.

    However, for Priscilla to argue on a political platform peddling cheap sentiments of tribal lines in Zimbabwe in order to gain support for Ncube is but a none-starter. It hits me in the face that a person of Priscilla’s caliber lacks finesse and devoid of intellectual fiber. It is a pathetic symptom of failure and lack of direction for politicians to peddle tribal politics in Zimbabwe. That works well in Kenya [sorry my Kenyan friends, but it’s a fact].

    In Kenya, politicians appeal to ‘tribes’, even when the truth is facing all in the eyes that the man or woman planned for and sponsored mass murders during the contentional 2007/8 post elections violence.

    Six men in Kenyan government have been named by the International Court of Justice Chief prosecutor for carrying the greatest responsibility of the mayhem of the post election violence.

    The ‘suspects’ now allege International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo is engaging in Kenyan tribal politicking. Similarly, some politicians, MPs and ministers, and prominent business people are being investigated for peddling drugs.

    They appeal to their tribes as having been targeted, yet these are criminal allegations before the courts. They turn criminal charges into tribal vendettas. Priscilla wants to import to such lame politics into Zimbabwe.

    On this point, incidentally, the recent outbursts by Priscilla are similar to what led to the Genocide in Rwanda and of late to the mass murders in Kenya in 2008.

    For this I fear that Priscilla is a danger in the small MDC and a dangerous politician for the nation.

    I sympathize with her fears. The smaller MDC segment hasn’t put forth what they are for. In as much as Zimbabweans want Mugabe out, but if there is no credible alternative, people can as well vote in the devilish ZANU PF.

    Priscilla as the Secretary General of her party should be concentrating on policies and how to penetrate the voters’ confidence, offering credible choices, and policies rather than being cry baby for her party.

    Priscilla and like minded politicians survive on politics of appeal to sympathy.