Tourism minister, musician trade no holds-barred insults on facebook


    Mzembi was riled by Viomak’s unprovoked thread on his Facebook page, lampooning him for belonging to a party of “murderers and thieves.”

    Mzembi is the Zanu-PF parliamentarian for Masvingo South, while Viomak is a self-proclaimed “protest musician” who has gained political asylum in Britain and is known for her strong views on Zimbabwean politics.

    She has been churning out songs from the Diaspora demanding an end to President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

    “Shame on you, you have lost the last thread of decent engagement,” Mzembi responded to Viomak on her wall after she initially posted on his page.

    To which came the sharp retort from Viomak: “What decency? Are the murders committed by the Zanu-PF party you support decent? Unopenga (You are out of your mind) Walter. Basa rekuba mari dzedu (You are busy stealing) and you pretend to be a saint on Facebook. Tibvire apa mbavha ye Zanu-PF party yemhondi (Go to hell murderer and thief). Shame on you Zanu-PF thief, madofo auraya nyika. Nxa! (You are failures who have run down the country)

    The feud heated up when Mzembi countered by offering to pray for Viomak.

    “You are the first sister to introduce vulgarity and politics on this site, I will not take you on, and still insist on decency, I just feel pity for you and I can assure you,  I will pray for you tonight to be delivered from this curse! Be blessed,” wrote Mzembi.

    Viomak’s parting shot was even more venomous.

    She said to Mzembi: “You and your Zanu-PF are the curses. I don’t need prayers from evil men and thieves like you Walter so please don’t pray for me. I take your prayers as prayers from devils so ndatenda hangu (Thank you).

    “Walter don’t pray for me. Calling a thief a thief is not vulgar and calling you murderers is no vulgar. Insist on leaving power and don’t insist on helping me. Muri madofo nemhondi nembavha kuZanu-PF (you are failures, murderers and thieves) Walter. You know that. You are only shocked that I have told you the truth as it is.”