Khaya Moyo challenges Mujuru over elections


    In a telephone interview this week Moyo said the Constitutional making process must be speeded up to enable them to complete their work early leading to the elections to resolve the power sharing agreement governing the country.

    ”We made the resolutions at our Mutare Conference in December last year that we are going for elections this year, and our commissariat team has been deployed in the country’s provinces mobilising for our support and we know that we are ready for the elections and it is the MDC party which is now chickening out of the elections because they have lost the support of the people,” said Moyo.

    "They (MDC) want to continue to hide under the cover of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to delay the elections. As a party we say lets finish the constitutional making process expeditiously and have elections which we shall win overwhelming.

    The GPA  has time limits and it is very clear that we must  finish the constitutional work and move to the referendum to be followed by elections and we believe this can be done this year and the MDC knows it too but they are afraid of elections because they will  be relegated to the political dustbin,” said Moyo.

    Moyo’s sentiments chime with President Robert Mugabe’s views as he has declared that he was fed up with working with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai  and  the smaller faction of the MDC in the inclusive government and wants to end  the GPA by holding elections this year.

    There is confusion surrounding the timetable for holding elections with  the MDC saying  the elections should  be held after the outstanding issues within the GPA are resolved and a road map leading to the elections  is drawn in consultation with all the parties involved.

    The business community last year added their voice and argued that early elections will  likely disrupt the economic growth the country has been experiencing for the past two years.

    This view was also supported by the Vice- President Joyce Mujuru, who encouraged the business community to forward their views to the political leadership of the country. – Daily News