Gono’s unroadworthy buses evade traffic police


    It is believed that the controversial central bank governor is using prominent Harare businessman Larry Gono who is his uncle, as a front-man in running the fleet of buses. 

    On Saturday one of  his Buses operating under the trade name GO-LINER TOURS registration number YTY145 GP, inventory number TG12 which was traveling from Johannesburg was detained for almost three hours by the Masvingo VID after Gono’s staff tried to evade the police. 

    The bus crew diverted from the Masvingo Highway and swiftly sped through suburbs in an effort to run away from VID and the police in fear of being caught. 

    “We  would like  to apologise for  diverting  from the  highway a little bit because our coach is overloaded and has some few defects which we do not want the police and VID  to inspect. So we are going to use other suburbs streets till  we pass  where the police and VID officers are,” the coach assistant told passengers after they had asked where the bus was going. 


    Gideon Gono

    However, luck was not  on their side as the police and VID they were fleeing successfully caught up with the bus and ordered it to stop. They were then commanded to return and report to Masvingo VID offices, where it was tested. 

    After three  hours, an identified  female VID officer tested the bus which failed to pass  the fitness test and she instructed  it should not  travel at night because the head lights were not functioning. 

    However, in a sudden twist of events after a few moments of waiting, the  bus was surprisingly released and continued with the Harare journey which it failed to complete as it soon burst two rear tyres just after the Beatrice farming town. 

    Passengers all the way  from South Africa  had to look  for alternative transport from Beatrice to Harare as  the bus  crew could  not even help the situation. It also emerged they did not even have a wheel spanner or a jack. 

    GO-LINER TOURS has a notice to passengers which reads, ‘Note that delays may affect the stipulated time table due to Border Clearance, VID and Police roadblocks’. 

    When it was  introduced last year GO-LINER TOURS used to ferry its passengers  from the Rainbow Towers  hotel  but  due to its continued deterioration of standards it now parks at the Road Port’s 4th-Street regional bus terminal. 

    The Zimbabwe  Republic police is on record for stating that un-roadworthy buses should be impounded as  they cause accidents. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)