"I Can Beat Ncube Anytime"- Says mama Khuphe

BULAWAYO,-Deputy Prime Minister and MDC-T Vice-President Thokozani Khuphe on Saturday took a swipe at the new leader of the smaller faction of the MDC, Welshman Ncube saying his election will not have any impact in Zimbabwean political circles.\r\n

Speaking to journalists in Bulawayo on Saturday, Khupe said Ncube should not be fooled into thinking that by being elected as the MDC-M president he will win any national elections.

“I beat him in Makokoba in 2008 elections and I can beat him any time if elections are called.He will never win any national elections and his party is now in a worse position than when Mutambara was leader, " said Khuphe whose attack on Ncube revealed the bad blood between the two Matabeleland politicians.
Khupe said MDC-M can hold several congresses and change leaders but it will remain the same and won’t pose a threat to MDC-T.

"The change of leadership in that party will make them even weaker than they were in 2008, " said Khuphe

Responding to Khupe’s scathing attack on Ncube MDC-N Bulawayo Province spokesperson, Edwin Ndlovu said Khupe should not be taken seriously as she was just a useless figure trying to seek attention.

“She is just a village idiot singing wedding songs at a funeral. People should not take her seriously because she is just a toothless and a useless figure trying to seek attention.Our advise to her is that she should not waste time commenting about our party. She should be dealing with divisions within the MDC-T which is failing to hold a congress,” said Ndlovu.