Zanu PF steps up anti-MDC propaganda in Matebeleland


    An NGO radio services, Radio Netherlands world, alleges that a subversive document called Grand Plan Enhancement – "Operation Gukuradzviti" – a Shona word which means flush out the Ndebele, is being circulated among Shona-speaking company executives, bankers, business people and student organisations in Zimbabwe.

    "As MDC, we would like to assure our sponsors that the real enemy is not the Shonas in ZANU-PF but Ndebeles in both ZANU-PF and the MDC. We will continue to strike fear in their hearts but we must do so underground. Ndebeles who challenge Shona domination must be eliminated," says the document in a blatant Zanu PF’s longstanding choice of words when it comes to describing the MDC.

    One of the MDC’s senior leaders and Minister for Water Resources, Samuel Siphepha Nkomo who is from the Ndebele tribe, denied his party is behind the document.

    "I am positive this document was authored by Zanu-PF or the secret service to try tarnishing the image of the MDC which enjoys the support of the Ndebele communities of Matabeleland and Midlands provinces," said Nkomo.

    "We want every Ndebele to speak Shona and we will take their land and give it to the Shonas. Already we have succeeded in getting 70 000 Shonas into Matabeleland to take over Ndebele land," adds the document. It is codenamed Triple X- Xenogeny, Xenomania and Xenophobia.

    "When you read this document it reminds you how Hutus planned the massacres of Tutsis in Rwanda. It started with Hutus circulating such information to youths and the gangs to attack Tutsis," said political activist Xolani Mabhena.

    Recently, war veterans from Bulawayo mobilised ZAPU youths and invaded some farms in the Nyamandlovu area and drove out the Shona settlers. But some of these settlers, who were allocated Ndebele land in the area, have started building their houses there. They say they did not confiscate the Ndebele land but it was given to them by the government.

    "I come from Masvingo province. We were brought here by the government. So, if Ndebeles have a problem, they should solve it with the government, said one of the new settlers.

    The document goes further to accuse former South African President Thabo Mbeki of trying to give Ndebeles power in Zimbabwe when he negotiated for the inclusion of Ndebele-dominated MDC faction into the coalition government.

    It says current President Jacob Zuma is also proving dangerous to the Shona plans because of his links to the Ndebele. Zuma’s daughter Gugulethu is married to the son of Welshman Ncube, the powerful Ndebele politician. Ncube is hated by the Shonas for masterminding the split inside the MDC in 2005.

    "We are going to stop the Shona migration into Matabeleland. That’s why we have launched this movement to free our people from ZANU-PF oppression," David Magagula, secretary for the newly formed Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) told Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

    But there are some Ndebeles who don’t want to associate themselves with the militant movement saying they don’t want war.

    "I am Ndebele and as much as we want to free ourselves from ZANU-PF oppression, we don’t want war. We can put pressure on Mugabe without using force and if we do he will use that as an excuse to crush our people again," said Mthuli Ndlovu. Magagula launched the movement two weeks ago in Bulawayo and said their goal is to establish an autonomous state of Matabeleland.

    The latest Zanu PF propaganda comes in the aftermaths of another piece of plot to attack the person of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by linking him to a love affair in a Bulawayo high profile devorse case.

    Tsvangirai has angrily dismissed state-media reports putting him at the centre of a marital dispute in Bulawayo where a local business-woman is trying to divorce her husband of 12 years.

    Both partners have since denied the story carried in the State media.

    Meanwhile, last night, our reporter has been told by high level Zanu PF sources that former Information and Publicity Minister and Member of Parliament for Tsolotsho North, Professor Jonathan Moyo is behind the latest attempts to tarnish the image of the MDC in the Mateleland region.

    We could not verify reports saying that Zanu PF is also behind the radical political formation, Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), but sources said the operations of the group are being coordinated by State intelligence officers as a JOC project.