Zanu-Ndonga, MDC-T team up against Mugabe

    “We have found it prudent that as a broke party with no chances of winning any council, parliamentary, senatorial, not talking of Presidential election we should render our support to MDC-T which has a greater chance of winning the next election. We are doing this in order to nip ZANU-PF in the bud.
    “This is so because ZANU-PF betrayed us and the entire people of Zimbabwe. It betrayed the aspirations of the liberation struggle. We did not go to war in order for a selected few to enjoy.
    When we went to war we did not encourage corruption, “ZANU Ndonga’s national Chairman Reketai Mushiwokufa Semwayo told reporter. 
    ZANU-Ndonga, a bitter party which last year appealed to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai for the revision of the criteria used on choosing national heroes, said was happy that MDC seemed to be pushing the agenda.
    “We are happy that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his Deputy Arthur Mutambara are working on the issue.This is evidenced by their continued boycotts to the national heroes acre when ever a ZANU-PF official declared a hero is being buried,” he added. 
    The late Ndabaningi Sithole, who was the party leader was denied national heroes status when he died in 2000 at the age of 80, despite him being the founder of ZANU the roots of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF. 
    Sithole played a pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence from the white minority regime of Ian Smith. 

    Sithole was one of the founding members of the Zimbabwe African National Union (Zanu), the roots of President Mugabe’s Zanu PF, and was an early advocate of armed struggle.

    In the years before independence, he played a leading role at many of the peace talks and negotiations held to end the war in the then Rhodesia, while Robert Mugabe remained exiled in Mozambique.-(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)