MDC youths can stand up to Zanu (PF) terrorists – Mhlangu


    The party led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was formed just over a decade ago and enjoys immense support from the youth, who have suffered the consequences of President Robert Mugabe’s misrule and the resulting 85% unemployment.

    The Youth league of the MDC has so far produced brilliant individuals like Nelson Chamisa, the Minister of Information and Technology, who has dazzled aging Zanu (PF) ministers in cabinet with his brilliance.

    “The Youth Assembly has been the breeding ground of leaders. We have young people who have the capability of standing up to Zanu (PF)’s aging dictators.

    “In 2011 a lot of young leaders are going to emerge from the ranks. It is common knowledge that the MDC enjoys much of its support from the young people who are about 65 percent of the country’s population,” said Mhlangu.

    “The Assembly stands resolute on elections and is not worried whether elections are held next month. We are ready for elections. The elections that we want are the presidential elections as they were we disputed. The MDC was robbed in broad daylight by Zanu (PF) and Mugabe. We want presidential polls that will give the nation the leader of their choice,” said Mhlangu.

    Presently Zimbabwe is being run by a shaky coalition government that is riven by irreconcilable policy differences.

    Much to the dismay of Zimbabweans and the world at large Mugabe, who lost the polls, is the President of the country with executive powers anchored by the Global Political Agreement (GPA) that ushered in the tenuous coalition government.

    Over the past two years Mugabe has breached the GPA which unequivocally explains he should exercise his executive powers in consultation with his partners in the GNU. – The Zimbabwean