WARNING: Existence of a weird but very sensitive document called “OPERATION SHUMBA”


    The document, titled “OPERATION SHUMBA” has details which we are not prepared to publish.\r\n\r\nLabel us weak, but we can only say we owe it to our nation to draw up a line when it comes to matters fundamental to a peaceful and stable Zimbabwe.\r\n\r\nThe document has some weird scenarios about the Zimbabwean situation; all the current political leaders, parties, government, the Judicial and Parliament.\r\n\r\nStrong stuff difficult to understand its head or tail, let alone the motive.\r\n\r\nWe received this document from one “Comrade Kundai” and he did not explain his intentions but we think there is a sting in the tail.\r\n\r\nWe would like to re-state our position to members of the Zimbabwean public that The Zimbabwe Mail is merely a news organisation and we don’t seek to engage in some crude political gamesmanship, now and in the future.\r\n\r\nWe love our country and we are a law abiding newspaper, albeit with mistakes here and there, but our overall desire to see a peaceful solution to Zimbabwe’s problems are the cornerstone of our objectives.\r\n\r\nThose who seek to use us in some plots that endanger the peace and stability of our country will never be friends and partners of our project.\r\n\r\nWe have put this issue in the public domain because we think this document could soon be used as some form of “Mother of all propaganda” as a “leaked document” to discredit the MDC and one Zanu PF faction.\r\n\r\nWe have made our tests and confirmed that it is not a wikileaks leaked document. The detailed nature of the document means that someone has been seriously working on it and this someone is not a second rate Zimbabwean political upstart.\r\n\r\nWe have also found out that this someone is working with some foreign elements; probably a foreign political consultancy group and “Comrade Kundai” could be genuinely giving us a genuine lead.\r\n”Comrade Kundai” has advised us to warn the MDC on the “plot”, something which we feel is not our role. We’re not an extension of the MDC.\r\n\r\nWe also believe (maybe) the sender assumed we would jump on it and gleefully publish it and become THE source.\r\n\r\nThe 120 page document is supposedly written in 2007 and some of the things in it are way off the mark and don’t add up with the current scenario, but like we’ve said there is a sting in the tail.\r\n\r\nWe wish the sender and his handlers all the best in his or her desire to seek the publication of that dirty work.\r\n\r\nWe have problems in our country, but we deserve better and we hope our leaders will eventually resolve the problems in a civilised manner. It is not for us to dictate how, but we look forward to a better peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe.\r\n<p  style=” margin: 12px auto 6px auto; font-family: Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 14px; line-height: normal; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal; -x-system-font: none; display: block;”>   <a title=”View zimbabwe on Scribd” href=”http://www.scribd.com/doc/94299526″  style=”text-decoration: underline;” >zimbabwe</a></p><iframe class=”scribd_iframe_embed” src=”https://www.scribd.com/embeds/94299526/content?start_page=1&view_mode=scroll&show_recommendations=true” data-auto-height=”false” data-aspect-ratio=”undefined” scrolling=”no” id=”doc_90963″ width=”100%” height=”600″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>