Unmasking the obedient son and the obediency of Accord 1987


    In many parts of the world, the suffering that Zimbabweans went through in the last ten years would have caused at least a government renewal or at most a regime change. Instead, and by Zimbabwean standards, the suffering actually produced a “marriage” between sworn enemies, ZANU PF and the two MDCs. On the other hand, minerals, especially diamonds, have caused conflict, and even full scale wars, in some parts of Africa, but not in Zimbabwe, our diamonds have actually produced a “love-child” for our number one family! Isn’t this beautiful? Welcome to Zimbabwe.

    Commentators and analysts have devoted acres of space in the media regarding the Chiadzwagate and the son born out of the diamond wedlock. The alleged son, an obedient one, is allegedly not at all new to controversy. Before joining government, this fellow was an employee of the Customs and Immigration Department. This was in the early to mid 1980s.

    He was a member of ZAPU. It is alleged that he was arrested for taking part, or being part of a television smuggling syndicate during the time he was employed at Customs Department. It is further alleged that upon arrest, he ran and wept before then Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Enos Nkala, regarding his impending misfortune. Mr. Nkala, still nursing a diabolical hatred for Joshua Nkomo and ZAPU, and still formulating a strategy to destroy ZAPU, came up with a plan.

    Mr. Nkala is alleged to have asked him to immediately denounce ZAPU and buy a ZANU PF card if he wanted to avoid arrest. It is alleged that this is the only reason why he joined ZANU PF way before the Unity Accord was signed by entering his own Obedience Accord with ZANU PF through Enos Nkala. Those in the know further allege that from then on, new and several allegations against him kept surfacing and numerous cases against him keep accumulating in some office and inside some filing cabinet somewhere at Bulawayo Central Police station.

    The question that begs an answer, therefore, is why is he not being held accountable for his alleged sins? His only claim to liberty is none other than the Obedience Accord, disguised, wrapped and delivered to Zimbabweans as the Unity Accord. This agreement, signed amidst pomp and fanfare, was a political and military victory by ZANU PF whose desired result was total obedience by the people of Matabeleland and the entire leadership of ZAPU. One by one, the political leadership of ZAPU joined the gravy train with the full blessing and protection of the Obedience Accord. Unbeknown to them, they were all taking a poisoned chalice.

    One Mr. Masunda of the Safari fame is clear testimony and victim of this. To provide insurance to this Obedience Accord, allegations of sodomy and male molestation are levelled against them. We will never blame those ZAPU members in ZANU PF who are falling over each other in praising and advancing the continued rule of a dying ZANU PF. Just like in the Mafia world, they are simply fulfilling an obedience duty, one whose dereliction can result in imprisonment, death or both.

    If the Unity Accord was genuine, and meant to unite these erstwhile parties, the name Patriotic Front was more appropriate than the partisan ZANU PF. If the Unity Accord was genuine, Joshua Nkomo was never going to be second vice President of the united ZANU PF. If the Unity Accord was genuine the Zambezi Matabeleland water project would be at an advanced stage. If the Unity Accord was genuine, victims of the Gukurahundi genocide would have been compensated by now. For us, that accord is dead, buried and condemned to hell. It is no secret that restlessness has manifested itself among senior ZANU PF members for many years now. It is no secret that a good number of senior ZANU PF members have openly shown their disillusionment with the leadership of Robert Mugabe. The Goromonzi conference is a case in point.

    The Tsholotsho declaration is another case in point. The alleged conspirators on both occasions might have done some spectacular somersaults and reinvented themselves to become Mugabe’s ardent praise-singers and bootlickers, but those with even half-an-inch of a political brain, know that either most of these pretenders are shackled by the chains of the Obedience Accord whose single hallmark is that they must sing praises for Mugabe until he dies or they die, or whichever comes first, or they are strategic animals who are waiting for the dead corpse to decompose before they leap to action.

    The ever obedient son is not only a member of the first group, but probably its patron. Their initiation ceremony is to allow member to loot and steal as much as they possibly can. Songs and slogans have been released in order to encourage members to steal more. Slogans disguised as indigenous empowerment policies have also been passed into law.  The import of all this is to encourage members to join the feeding trough. Meanwhile, our security forces simply take a watching interest and take note of the latest looting before they tuck away the file for anyone who would want to be disobedient in future.

    For those who are hoping that the father will this time discipline the errant Gushungo Junior, your hope is as misplaced as for those that hoped for rock diesel manufactured by RotinaPetroleum plc. The obedient son is the reason ZANU PF is calling for early elections, they have the money to embark on an elections, all thanks to the obedient son. The money was obediently siphoned from the Chiadzwa fields under the nose of the obediently gullible, if not hopeless MDC ministers.

    With all this hullabaloo about the quality of Marange diamonds, are you not surprised that not even a single stone has found its way to world records for its size and or quality like we read about South African and Botswana gems? Me think not, diamond stones half the size of the obedient son’s head unearthed from Chiadzwa may have ended up in the hands of his adopted clansmen. That should explain the father-son relationship buttressed by the obedience syndrome.

    What is sad, fellow Zimbabweans is that the above account reads like a script in a mafia movie, yet it is happening in our beloved Zimbabwe. Our liberators have reduced governance to gangsterism. In order to remain in the game, all you need to do is to surrender the plum spoils of gangster criminality to the mafia boss. Is this what Hebert Chitepo died fighting for? Is this what Josiah Tongogara fought for? Is this what Lookout Masuku died for? Is this the Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo struggled his whole life for. They must all be turning in their graves.

    In the meantime, there is a new style of bribery and blackmail being subjected to Zimbabweans, particularly our war veterans. I prefer to call these heroes freedom fighters because war veterans are a bunch of blood thirsty nobodies who create artificial “wars” against their own people in order to satisfy their selfish “war” credentials. The freedom fighters were given huge amounts of money as a payment for their participation in liberating the country. We all went green with envy as they bought their dogs and cattle all sorts of pleasantries.  But today, they are as poor as the proverbial church mouse.

    Picture this; a man lives his country and family to fight to liberate his country. He sacrifices his education and his only formal training is to kill and to avoid getting killed. This man, after having wasted nearly all his manhood in the bush, is blackmailed by a ransom payment of Z$50,000 as compensation. Meanwhile, ex members of the Selous Scouts and the RF had their government come up with a planned and coordinated social security program that is making these celebrated enemies of our liberation live comfortable lives. The only reason why our government did not come up with a sustained program for our liberation fighters is because they want to continuously blackmail them in their times of need for their selfish ends. This is tantamount to bribery of the highest order.

    To real freedom fighters, the real enemy is a system that has failed them for thirty years. The very system they helped assume power which is being abused to amass wealth for a select few at the expense of the majority. That is why this system cannot phantom electoral defeat, lest those criminal files end up in the wrong hands. As talk for early elections reaches fever pitch, some loud cowards masquerading as war veterans are making news with some notorious grandstanding. One Jabulani Sibanda, a complete failure of unprecedented levels, who masterminded the failed Tsholotsho attempted coup as well as the Million fools march, both that resulted in him getting fired from the dead ZANU (PF), is now leading the ZANU (PF) praise singing choir. That is well and good, although a piece of advice will be in order here Jabulani, seri kweguva hakuna munamato. ZANU is dead, no matter how loud you sing, it cannot be brought back to life, period. Only a madman can attempt a mouth to mouth resuscitation operation on a dead, decomposing donkey.

    In the just ended old people’s conference held in Mutare, Jabulani decided to have a go on President Dumiso Dabengwa. According to this shameless lunatic, Dabengwa, just like the late President of ZAPU, Joshua Nkomo, is claiming to represent the people of Matebeleland. How low this brainless loudmouth can get defies imagination. How dare he make such baseless allegations that Nkomo represented people from Matebeleland only? Nkomo, just like Dabengwa, are true Zimbabwean heroes who will forever remain national both in character and content, even long after they die, whether nincompoops like Sibanda like it or not.

    No amount of grandstanding and lies can change the fact that Dumiso Dabengwa is a people’s hero who spent 18 years not only fighting but leading armed men and women, and actively participated in Lancaster House negotiations as a leading figure before he was later incarcerated by ZANU (PF) for four years on trumped up charges when Jabulani Sibanda was busy milking goats. The only genuine leaders of former freedom fighters are Dumiso from ZIPRA and Rex Nhongo from ZANLA. These two need not campaign to be leaders of tiny, faction riddled war veteran outfits. They were, and are still commanders of real men, not a bunch of clowns that think putting on grass hats makes them fearless revolutionaries. Real freedom fighters do not fight innocent villagers; they do not beat up, rape innocent defenceless women and children.

    They do everything to protect them and not what Masvingo province has been subjected to in the last few months by some blood thirsty vampires masquerading as freedom fighters. If true freedom fighters like Cain Nkala was alive, we would ask him where and who trained Jabulani Sibanda. After all who killed Cain Nkala, if it’s not the usual rubble rousers armed with forked tongues and shoe laces using Selous Scouts tactics to kill opponents in their desperate bid for recognition by a blood thirsty organisation pretending to be a revolutionary party?

    While everyone knows that Jabulani and some of his hangers on never fired a gun even in their wildest dreams, except after 1999 when they created an artificial war against Zimbabweans, it is common knowledge that true revolutionaries like Rex will not attack Dabengwa in the same manner Jabulani is doing, neither will Dabengwa attack Rex. There is mutual respect between them born out of a real war, with real war casualties, fought by real men who are really disciplined. Dabengwa is the same man who walked out of prison to work with his tormentors for the sake of peace and unity.

    Today, nobodies like Jabulani Sibanda find pleasure in attacking heroes like Dabengwa? While we all know what ZANU (PF) did to humiliate Nkomo in the past, we will not seat back and let them unleash puppies on our leader the same way they did with Father Zimbabwe. Jabulani Sibanda is trying very hard to fit into Enos Nkala’s shoes and we will do everything to stop him before he causes another genocide in our beautiful country. Even President Robert Mugabe would rather sing “zviri sei sei” than attack a people’s hero in the form of the Black Russian.

    ZANU (PF) in particular and the country in general is in a sorry state of decay simply because the President is surrounded by crazy sycophants pretending to be think tanks when in actual fact they are dip tanks, except for one son of Mlevu and a few odd thinkers here and there. Jabulani and his ilk need to be reminded that you can be militant and combative without being disrespectful of your commanders and leaders (assuming he was not a mere refugee in Zambia or Angola) by spewing raw sewage in order to please a leader whose sense of smell seems to have migrated together with his common sense.

    Otherwise how else can you describe recent threats by ZANU (PF) to invade some companies simply because they have a love-hate relationship with their founders and former funders who enjoyed and celebrated when ZANU (PF) North Koreans and their local surrogates murdered 20,000 civilians in the 1980s? Today, as recently as December 2010, in a beautiful city called Mutare, hundreds of crazy old men and women were clapping and celebrating when some crazy slogans disguised as resolutions were being announced. Jesus Lord, Son of virgin Marry, this world must be coming to an end, for crazy things are passing as divine stuff by equally crazy, old and tired geriatrics.

    While ZIPRA veterans are busy going around the country seeking forgiveness for sins committed by these outcasts in the name of ZIPRA, this shameless idiot continue to wine, dine and go to a lice infested bed with the same people who butchered over 20,000 of his kith and kin all for a few pieces of silver.

    Margaret Dongo was very right, the fact that one has a beard, a trouser and something dangling inside it does not mean one is a man. The sooner obedient sons and the Ms. Sibanda’s of this world are stopped the better for our beloved country. If madmen (or is it women) like Sibanda have nothing better to do with their time, they must just shut up and do what is meant by two words that  describe dirty sex ending with what describes movement.

    Mso Ndlovu is the Acting Director for Information, Publicity and Marketing for ZAPU (Northern Region). Feedback contact him on msondlovu@gmail.com