Public Statement By Gilbert Muponda


    Those who looted my assets under a false smokescreen of accusing me of fabricated charges continue to fuel these tired and discredited allegations. I am a focused, honest and hard working entrepreneur.

    After I was arrested and released in fear for my life, I fled Zimbabwe to Canada where I have been based since 2004. My case is well documented like many other leading Zimbabwe born Entrepreneurs who were forced into exile under various allegations.

    It appears a few websites have been put on the payroll of those who looted my assets to continue smearing my name to justify unjust enrichment schemes. They are being paid by individuals who seized my assets including my Bank CFX Bank which I am challenging under High Court case HC 6044-04.

    My Company ENG was wrongfully accused of financial irregularities and of being insolvent. However my Company ENG Capital has paid all claims against it. It does not owe anyone.

    On 15 July 2010 my innocence was confirmed by the High Court of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe High Court Judge Madam Justice Lavender Makoni ruled that ENG had paid “past ,present and future debts” and ordered that all assets which were seized but were excess to requirements be returned to us. The liquidator and Master of High Court confirmed this .

    The High court case number is HC 6086-09 this is a public available for inspection at the High Court of Zimbabwe. In addition our Company.

    I am not a fugitive from justice as I am the victim. Anyone who claims to be looking for me can contact me through ;

    Email ;
    Facebook :
    Website ;;

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