Fortune-teller speaks of blood-shed and bitter ZANU-PF infighting when Mugabe dies


    “I see leadership vacuum in this country when President Robert Mugabe dies. ZANU-PF leaders will fight each other to replace him and Morgan Tsvangirai will not rule Zimbabwe,” said the sanusi.

    He says he sees a new leader emerging from the ranks of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) faction led by Tsvangirai. The new leader, says the fortune teller, will have to deal with serious problems that will arise from Matabeleland province whose leaders are advocating for autonomy or devolution of power.

    “I also see a big man dying in South Africa but I won’t say his name. There is trouble coming for people in Central and West Africa. I see many people dying there,” adds the sanusi.

    The Bulawayo-based fortune teller is the only one left in the city after the death of Scotsman Bill MacLeod who predicted the genocide in Central Africa in the late 80s. MacLeod predicted the emergence of a political party that would kick Mugabe out of power by the end of the century.

    That party turned out to be the MDC which came close to defeating Mugabe in 2000. It was said that Mugabe lost the election in 2000 to MDC and again in 2008 to Tsvangirai.

    The sanusi’s fear of being identified comes after he was arrested in 1979 by the Rhodesian government at the time. In that year, he predicted that two civilian aircrafts would be brought down by members of the guerillas. He was accused of working with them. – Radio Netherlands