Moyo use security forces to bar ZAPU in Tsholotsho


    In a statement reaised to the media ZAPU said it regrets to announce that police have barred our party from holding a public meeting at Tsholotsho Business Centre.

    The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 29 December. Zapu president Dr Dumiso Dabengwa was billed to address the meeting. 

    Police in Tsholotsho refused to sanction the meeting claiming that they did not have sufficient manpower to cover the event. Zapu believes the police are under pressure from certain quarters to thwart the Zapu crusade in Tsholotsho.

    However, The Zimbabwe Mail can reveal that former Information and Publicity Minister Jonathan Moyo and MP for Tsholotsho North has declared the rest of Tsholotsho a no-go area for ZAPU and any political other groups ahead of 2011 elections.

    Moyo, who is defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s chief strategist in Zanu PF succession battle is said to be planning a full deployment of the army to secure his sit in Parliament.

    We wonder if the police have ever refused to sanction a Zanu-PF rally anywhere in Zimbabwe. We even doubt if Zanu-PF even applies for police clearance to hold meetings in most cases.

    The cancellation of the meeting disappointed residents of Tsholotsho centre and surrounding villages who did not hide their excitement and anxiety to attend their first Zapu meeting since 1987.

    We suspect  the excitement may have caused the powers-that-be to influence the police not to sanction the meeting.

    However, that will not stop the inevitable; Tsholotsho will come back home to Zapu at the next polls. Our party has the requisite political experience and structures to counter dirty tactics by our opponents. -Plus TheZimbabwean