"If Robert Mugabe engages in terrorism, he would go it alone" – Biti


    He also said the presidential election his party was pushing for next year did not mean a declaration of war against the people like what happened in the disputed June 27 presidential election run- off.

    Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has denied that the army has been deployed throughout the country.

    Biti was addressing hundreds of party supporters in Kuwadzana where he said calls by Zanu PF for elections showed the party was “bloodthirsty”.

    He said if Zanu PF engaged in violence this time around, President Robert Mugabe would go it alone again.

    He reiterated that if elections were held next year, they would only be presidential polls, which were inconclusive in 2008.

    He called for the freeing of airwaves to spare the people from Zanu PF propaganda churned out on the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

    Biti described Zanu PF members as “vampires who have gone for two years without blood”. He went down memory lane narrating how people died at the hands of Zanu PF.

    He said MDC-T saw no need to use ammunition against the people compared to Zanu PF.

    “They will kill and unleash violence but there are no brakes to real change. We are only left with two bus stops now and these are the new constitution and elections to deal with (President) Mugabe once and for all.”

    Biti said Zanu PF leaders were too tired to bring anything new to Zimbabwe.

    “The only ammunition we have is the people and let’s all register to vote and conclude the presidential elections,” he said.

    Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa, said what the MDC-T achieved in two years was what Zanu PF failed in 30 years.

    Chamisa said Zanu PF had to demilitarise the villages and stop intimidating people.

    “The ballot should thrive over the bullet and our aim as the MDC-T is not to fire police officers or soldiers but to do away with (President) Mugabe.” – NewsDay