Treason Crimes and Offenders in Zimbabwe – Highway to Prison Open


    That’s treasonable and the penalty is death. The learned professor, Jonathan Moyo wrote a scathing attack on Tsvangirai based on Wikileaks, and this past week, His Excellency, the President of State and the Government of Zimbabwe, the Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Forces aligned himself to Jonathan’s myopic reasoning by alluding to the fact that Tsvangirai should be prosecuted. I concur with these two men for such uprightness, and if calling for ‘targeted sanctions’ is treasonable, then, I repeat that such sanctions should be tightened. I am liable for treason charges and ready to face them.

    I cannot help to think of the reason why Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo should not realize that they are engaging in political masturbation.

    If Wikileaks are anything to go by, then we have many people in Zimbabwe who must be investigated and prosecuted, for gross theft, gross human rights abuses and gross crimes against humanity. I refer to Wikileaks and the named people please join Tsvangirai at Chikurubi, myself included.

    One wonders why is it that some people’s reasoning capacity is selective and limited. Jonathan and Robert uses Wikileaks to moot out a case against Tsvangirai, yet they are silent on their cronies who have siphoned the resources of the country as we equally read in Wikileaks. The following Wikileaks are items to consider for Mugabe and Jonathan to call for non-selective prosecutions.

    According to Cranswick, there is a small group of high ranking Zimbabwean officials who have been extracting tremendous diamong from Chiadzwa. ‘Cranswick said that RBZ Governor Gideon Gono, Grace Mugabe, wife of President Robert Mugabe, Vice President Joyce Mujuru, Mines and Mining Development Minister, Amos Midzi, General Constantine Chiwenga and wife Jocelyn, CIO Director Happyton Bonyongwe, Manicalnad Governor Chris Mushowe, and several white Zimbabwean, including Ken Sharpe, Greg Scott and Hendrik O’Neill are all involved in the Marange diamond trade’ [Wikileaks Reference ID 08HARARE1016].

    The same cable states that the police response in Chiadzwa over panners has been violent with a handful of homicides reported each week. We equally read that the military moved in, forcing people to work for ‘them’ and later firing live bullets at groups of diggers from helicopter gunships in an effort to control the mining. If this is to go by, and more evident from Mutare mortuary where hundreds of bodies were brought in marked BID/Chiadzwa (brought in dead), we ought to institute a commission of enquiry on the operations at Chiadzwa.

    Recently we had the case of the Zimbabwe Plunderer-In-Chief, Ignatius Chombo being arraigned before the courts by his wife. In her claims, she gave a detailed list of Chombo’s property. The man is filthy rich. The government, particularly Mugabe and his bemused acolyte, Jonathan Moyo, never called for any investigation on Chombo. The MDC called for an investigation on Chombo, but Mugabe preferred to ignore such a call. Who is liable for prosecution, a man quoted in Wikileaks for calling for ‘targeted sanctions’ and a man who has plundered resources and paralyzed the nation? I bet Ignatius Chombo should be in hard labour in Chikurubi as we speak.

    I strongly support Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo’s call for Tsvangirai to be investigated and prosecuted over the Wikileaks. On a similar note, the above named should as well be investigated and prosecuted. If the law is impartial, then all those named in Wikileaks should face prosecution for the alleged crimes. I respect Jonathan Moyo’s recent outbursts, “As a result, the bottom-line is not only that Tsvangirai is a bad or poor leader, but that he is unfit to govern and thus has no business in being in government let alone leading it”, but would want to remind Moyo that Tsvangirai is the person the majority of Zimbabwe chose in 2008 to lead them so it is useless for Jonathan to want to pontificate over the choice of Zimbabweans.

    I respect Moyo’s reasoning, but it is a fact known that Jonathan is a political prostitute who as I write, has succeeded once more in political masturbation. He enjoys the orgasm that comes with self satisfaction. If anyone was to take Moyo seriously, that person needs an urgent brain scan. I don’t deny Moyo his right to express his views though, unlike what he did to us with the Acts he introduced and muscled through parliament when he was minister of Mis-Information.

    If treason has been committed recently in Zimbabwe, it is by those who stole the election in 2008 and Mugabe is the first culprit. Zimbabweans voted and chose a leader in the person of Morgan Tsvangirai and there is no argument about that. Mugabe instead, uses the police and soldiers, the green bombers and desperate youth to attack, rape, destroy, murder, disposes, displace people. Therefore, the majority of Zimbabweans committed a treasonable offence in 2008 in voting for Tsvangirai.

    However, political reasoning does not go by Mugabe’s myopic belief in himself. Moyo, remember that being a Mugabe supporter is like being the over-optimistic parent of the fat kid on sports day. The man is so full of himself that he believes Zimbabweans are idiotic like ZANU PF supporters. This is the same man who denied in 2008 that there was cholera in Zimbabwe, leading to the death of over 4 000 people and thousands of infections. [Wikileaks Reference ID 08HARARE1125, sent by one Dhanani].

    Grace and Gono can’t stand the heat when their info gets "leaked." If ever we are to take them seriously, I propose they need to take things slowly for more is yet to come. What these people and this country need is to slow down. Things are going too fast. People are moving too fast and some are getting faster than others and because of this, those left behind are trying to catch up.

    Those calling for prosecution of Tsvangirai should heed my advice; remember the wise words of the late Pope John Paul II, “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it”. Mugabe is stupid, so are Grace and Gono, and Jonathan Moyo and the hordes of those calling for the prosecution of Tsvangirai on treason charges. If such has to be realized, those who stole the election in 2008 should be prosecuted now and immediately.

    In the same line, it is with a sense of justice and transparency that I reiterate my previous invitation to the International Criminal Court, Chief Prosecutor, Mr Moreno Ocampo to come to Zimbabwe. He has shaken the Kenyan political arena after naming the six men who shoulder the most responsibility over the Kenyan post election violence in 2008.

    Now, is Mr Moreno’s time to visit Zimbabwe for those who have committed crimes against humanity. Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation, but when it comes to civilian casualties, any sovereign nation losses its right to govern those people and thus the U.N should act as a temporary peace-keeping agent and justice agent in this case, until the perpetrators of gross human abuses, plunderers and known dictators who have stolen the people’s right are settled in The Hague or at Chikurubi. The Zimbabwe case is no different than Darfur, Congo, Ivory Coast.

    Capulet B. Chakupeta

    Zimleaks, Harare