We are ready to kill – Brigadier Mutinhiri


    Mutinhiri told villagers who had been forced to attend the meeting at Landasi Shopping Centre, where MDC-T supporters had been forced to surrender their membership cards, that he was good at killing and was ready to go to war.

    His statement follows that of the feared Minister of Defence Emerson Mnagagwa who told people in Kwekwe his home town that he was taught to kill.

    "We were forced to attend the meeting and at that meeting Mutinhiri told us that those who supported Tsvangirai were living in the past and that it is time now when Zanu (PF) takes over. He said that he fought in the liberation struggle and fighting was in his body," said a former MDC -T senior member who has since resigned.

    Scores of villagers who attended the meeting have already surrendered their MDC membership cards after the chilling statement from Mutinhiri a former cabinet minister. MDC-T parliamenatry hopeful Patrick Kunaka this week surrendered to Zanu (PF) and pledged his vehicle to be used by Zanu (PF) during mobilisation of resources for the impending congress, scheduled for next week. (He is the source of the story and is now with Zanu (PF).

    "Many people have started buying Zanu (PF) cards in order to protect themselves. They had to do that after the threats from Mutinhiri or leave the constituency," said MDC-T Chairman for Marondera West, Eddington Magwenzi. -The Zimbabwean