Wikileaks should not divert us from removing terrorists from power – Sikhala


    “Zanu (PF) may want to use the contents of Wikileaks to justify its ploy to crush MDC structures through violent means. People must gear up for massive resistance against any violation of their freedoms by Mugabe and his followers. Any unprovoked physical attack on perceived opponents of Mugabe should be met with equal retaliation.

    The time has come for defenceless people to stand up and defend themselves against politically intolerant thugs,” said Sikhala.

    Wikileaks have been turned into propaganda tools by Zanu (PF) through its mouthpieces, The Herald and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBC), desperately trying to impress upon the electorate that the U S was using MDC as a tool for bringing about ‘illegitimate’ regime change in Zimbabwe.

    “Though MDC99 advocated for peaceful politics, we will not fold our hands while defenceless people continued to be victimised by political bullies. We will rise to the occasion and defend people’s rights to a government of their choice. Anyone harbouring plans to maim and kill innocent people because of their political affiliation, should be warned that this time around he would find his match in MDC99,” Sikhala warned.

    He admitted that Wikileaks might have posed challenges to MDC and the struggle for democracy, but ‘after all has been said and done, Mugabe must be stopped now as the people’s struggle for democracy must run its course. The will of the people as expressed through the ballot should prevail. Anything less must be met with the resistance it deserves’. MDC-T Marondera District Main Chairperson, Chengetai Murova, said his party would gallantly defend territory won from Zanu (PF) since March 2008.

    “Threats by Zanu (PF) and the Junta that they would crush MDC and render it incapacitated before next elections, were empty voices from a fading political party afraid of its own shadow.

    Zanu (PF) should realize it is a minority party and would live to regret ever provoking MDC into a fight” Murova warned. Soldiers deployed to campaign as political commissars for Zanu (PF), are addressing ward rallies threatening that by election time MDC will be no more. They told Zanu (PF) supporters to forget about Morgan Tsvangirai and his party as they were history.