Zimbabwe updates voters' roll ahead of poll, and its that man again


    The exercise, campaigned for by opposition parties, is mainly meant to strike off the names of dead people from the register.

    Opposition parties often accused President Robert Mugabe’s party of rigging polls by using the votes of dead people.

    ”The exercise involves deployment of teams to visit chiefs, headmen, village heads, farms, resettlements and other community
    leaders to collect information of those who died within their localities,” registrar-general Tobaiwa Mudede said.

    ”People are always complaining that the voters’ roll has names of deceased people; that’s why we introduced such an exercise to
    clean up the voters’ roll, but this exercise is not linked with the forthcoming elections which are expected to be held mid next year,"
    he added.

    President Mugabe has brushed off opposition misgivings and said the country should hold elections by June next year, when a
    two-year coalition deal expires.

    The country is currently ruled by a coalition, including the opposition which is campaigning against the poll proposal, saying conditions
    were not ripe for elections.

    They are insisting on a new constitution, among other things, to be in place first before fresh elections can be held.

    But an ongoing constitution-making exercise has been bogged down by infighting and under-funding, and is not expected to be
    ready before the poll.