Statement issued by Africa Heritage Society


    For the record, such "booing" never took place at the Africa Heritage Society special event for AHS members who created this platform by inviting the Co-Ministers of Home Affairs in Zimbabwe to show rationale in the prospects and challenges of the Documentation process of the Zimbabwean community living in the Republic of South Africa, which was the agenda of their visit.

    The event was a Conversation on the concept and viability of African Citizenship. It was also a follow up on the updates regarding the ongoing interaction by AHS with the Zimbabwe Home Affairs Department to assist the Zimbabwean community living in South Africa to be able to regularize themselves.

    As it appears, the event was infiltrated by unscrupulous journalists with no regard for the interest of the people of Zimbabwe, and persons who had no clue whatsoever as to what the whole meeting was about.

    The meeting was indeed a resounding success – a groundbreaking initiative, an unprecedented show of unity, a milestone towards an Africa we can all call home. AHS Media does not hold mass rallies – as seems to have been the mentality of the journalists who pervaded the meeting as shamefully denoted in their remarks and political introductions which were totally irrelevant and uncalled for in context.

    Mass ralies have never fostered development, rather as we all know, they destroy. Needless to say the tough talking and no nonsense Minister Theresa Makoni gracefully restored order and decency pointing out that their visit was not the platform for fighting and regarding some of the questions lurched at them, she clearly pointed out that due merit had to be given to each question and in future, an agenda would be necessary for them to research and respond adequately.

    It may be appropriate to say at this stage that contrary to some reports – there was no incident at all whereby , Mr Mutumwa Mawere, "reminded the ministers to control their temper and respond to questions."

    On behalf of the President, Trustees and members of Africa Heritage Society, We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministers for their willingness to prevail themselves on such short notice and we look forward to continued partnering as we sensitize authentic Africanism among our people. Further, we hope that their courage to engage in intellectual debates sets a precedent for us to have more and more forums of this nature.

    We would also like to apologize to the honorable Co-Ministers, Cde. Mohadi and Cde Makone for the harassment they received from the few ill-disciplined personalities who are not members of AHS and do recognize and appreciate the role of ministers in the whole documentation process.