Moyo cranks up the propaganda for Tsvangirai resignation


    The calls come amid fresh revelations in the latest batch of the US diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks that Mr Tsvangirai would publicly call for the removal of sanctions, but secretly urge the Americans and their allies to maintain sanctions on Zimba-bwe.

    The economic embargo has caused untold suffering on ordinary Zimbabweans.

    In an interview yesterday, Tsholotsho North legislator Professor Jonathan Moyo said: "There are only two things that could happen in any civilised democracy, for him to resign not just from Government but public life altogether. He must also be prosecuted for a litany of treasonous acts against the State."

    "The only questions about those two thi-ngs is not whether they should happen but when they are going to happen," he added.

    Prof Moyo said it was shocking to note that while in Government and having taken an oath to uphold the laws of the country and as a Cabinet member, Mr Tsvangirai continued to campaign for the retention of sanctions and for use of unlawful means to cha-nge the Government.

    "As early as 2000 he was actively asking the US to bring troops to Zimbabwe to effect a coup," he said.

    Former MDC national executive member Mr Gabriel Chaibva echoed Prof Moyo’s sentiments adding that it was treasonous for Tsvangirai and his party to craft ZDERA and continue to call for the retention of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

    "This is treasonous and Tsvangirai should be held accountable for his actions. The only sensible thing for him to do now is to resign because more evidence is coming from WikiLeaks or those in the MDC-T must push him out because he is a traitor and has become a liability to the people of Zimbabwe. The quicker he goes, the better," Mr Chaibva said.

    He said another alternative to rid the country of Mr Tsvangirai and his party was to call for elections.

    "There has never been a more compelling reason for elections than there is to get rid of this political party. More importantly when we go for elections, the people of Zimbabwe now know that this man (Tsvangirai) all along has been working to advance the US and British interests in Zimbabwe.

    "He never worked for the people of Zimbabwe and this explains why he has been making senseless demands on the so-called outstanding issues. It has been about usurping powers through the back door. Zimba-bweans must punish him at the polls for who wants to associate with an American puppet," added Mr Chaibva.

    Another political analyst Mr Godwine Mureriwa said because of wild shortcomings, Zimbabweans would deal decisively with Mr Tsvangirai through the ballot box.

    "The people of Zimbabwe will judge him at the polls," he said.

    Another Zanu PF political observer said Mr Tsvangirai owed his supporters an explanation or else they needed WikiLeaks to know what is brewing in the MDC-T leader’s mind.

    "Certainly he owes his own supporters an explanation. What these WikiLeaks reveal is that he is a person without principles." – Herald