US government refuses to comment on Wikileaks


    In an tele-press conference beamed across the continent Thursday with journalists,  the US Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson said the Wikileaks did not reflect the thinking the USA government when dealing with African countries.

    ”I am not going to comment on the cables on case by case but I can tell you that the embassy should continue to discuss with the governement they are stationed  in and discuss with the US government on these matters.

    No group of cables reflect the policy of  the Us government on a particular African country. It was just some snap-shots of small concerns that was happening. The cables are causing a lot of international damage.

    It is supposed to be secret discussons between a wife and husband in their bedroom, talking about their in-laws and suddenly that information becomes public and it causes a lot of problems,” said Carson.

    The Wikileaks reports on Zimbabwe made by former envoy Christopher Dell on the eve of his departure  in 2007 questioned and undermined the capacity of Prime-minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership,indicating that he needs guidance and advice to rule the country.

    Dell dscribed Tsvangirai as a brave,committed man with star qualities but however, he added that Tsvangirai is not really open to advice, indecisive and has questionable judgement in selecting those around him.

    He said Tsvangirai requires massive hand holding and assistance should the MDC ever come to power.

    Dell,a controversial figure during his tenure in Zimbabwe described Mugabe as a brillian tactician who is more clever  and more ruthless than any other politician in Zimbabwe. – Daily News