Ncube Scrapes Bottom of Barrel as Tsvangirai is Outfoxed By Mugabe?


    Ambassador Dell’s assessment of Ncube in 2007 as a deeply divisive and destructive player in the opposition ranks, must have really got to Ncube, because it is true and most Zimbabweans had already made the same assessment by themselves.

    Ncube’s role in the MDC split, and going shopping in America for a leader of the splinter group in the person of Arthur Mutambara, who was described by Ambassador Dell as a light-weight who spent time reading U.S. campaign messaging manuals rather than thinking about the real issues in Zimbabwe, is well known.

    But what most Zimbabweans did not know is that Ncube believes that they are so gullible as to try and sell them the story that the Americans wanted to kill him!

    Describing the post-split scene, Ambassador Dell said Ncube had proved to be a deeply divisive and destructive player in the opposition ranks, adding that the sooner he is pushed off the stage, the better.

    But he also recognised that Ncube was useful to many, including the Mugabe government and South Africa, so he was probably "a cross to be borne for some time yet" – exactly what most Zimbabwean analysts think of Ncube.

    His party has gone along with Zanu (PF) – leading to the ineffectiveness of JOMIC, of which Ncube is the chairman, in monitoring the implementation of the Global Political Agreement and the ineffectiveness of the Healing and Reconciliation Organ.

    Ncube has now turned Dell’s analysis to suggest that Ambassador Dell was soliciting his assassination, reportedly screaming: “I’m a politician and my future rests in the hands of voters who can vote for me, or choose not to vote for me.

    “But when I lose an election, I don’t leave the stage but continue fighting over ideas. So if Dell is proposing that I be taken off stage, how do you do that without killing me?”

    Ncube claimed to be shocked that the US was seeking to determine on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe which leaders should lead the country and interfering so extensively and so deeply in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe by recommending the assassination of leaders that the Americans don’t like.

    The reason for not liking him, Ncube said, was that he refused to be part of their "politics of puppetry in Zimbabwe," obviously implying that Morgan Tsvangirai who received a more positive assessment from Ambassador Dell, is the puppet.

    The Ambassador was only making assessments and passing them on to his Secretary of State. Ambassador Dell’s assessment of Tsvangirai said he was brave, committed and a democrat, the only player on the scene with real star quality and the ability to rally the masses.

    Ambassador Dell also said of Tsvangirai, that he was not readily open to advice, indecisive and with questionable judgement in selecting those around him, and lacking "executive abilities" to lead the country’s recovery.

    The assessment is probably based in the fact that Tsvangirai refused to take the Americans’ advice not to go into the government of national unity with Mugabe, which to most Zimbabweans shows that he is an independent man, not beholden to the Americans as Mugabe and Zanu (PF) would like to say.

    Tsvangiorai was actually trying to have a local solution with Mugabe in the best interests of Zimbabweans, but has only just found out that Mugabe is not interested in such a solution, but he is still in danger of being out-foxed by Mugabe.

    Ambassador Dell’s assessment of Mugabe said he was a survivor because of his cleverness and ruthlessness, his brilliant tactics and ability to abruptly change the rules of the game, radicalise the political dynamic and force everyone else to react to his agenda.

    However, Mugabe is "fundamentally hampered by his ego and belief in his own infallibility; his obsessive focus on the past as a justification for everything in the present and future; his deep ignorance on economic issues (coupled with the belief that his 18 doctorates give him the authority to suspend the laws of economics, including supply and demand); and his essentially short-term, tactical style."

    While his tactical skills had kept him in power for 27 years, over the last seven it was only achieved by a series of populist, but destructive and ultimately self-defeating moves, said Dell in his classified briefing to Washington which has been published by Wikileaks.

    When in 2000 Mugabe started losing support, starting with the referendum on the constitution, he unleashed his Green Bombers (to beat up the opposition) in a land reform process which destroyed Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector, and threw hundreds of thousands of black Zimbabweans off their land and reducing them to utter poverty.

    In 2005 he was forced to steal victory by manipulating the results of an election he had lost. Mugabe lashed out again, punishing the urban populace by launching Operation Murambatsvina, making nearly a million people homeless, and destroying the informal sector on which 70-80 percent of urban dwellers had depended.

    The latest development, that Zuma has now convinced the MDC to allow Senate business to go on while the courts deal with Tsvangirai’s appeal, are probably another short-term victory for Mugabe, but a victory none-the-less.

    Mutambara is quoted saying that the Senate would resume sitting this week after the three principals of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) agreed to stop disturbances – in other words the MDC is stopping its protest against Mugabe’s appointment of Governors without getting anything in return.

    Senate business had been adjourned to next year after MDC senate members protested the attendance of provincial governors who were unilaterally re-appointed by President Mugabe in violation of the Global Political Agreement.

    Mutambara said the leaders and Zuma had agreed that the senate would get back to business while they wait for a verdict from the court and also the outcome of the SADC Troika meeting scheduled for next week.

    According to Mutambara, Mugabe had conceded that he violated the GPA by re-appointing the governors for another term without following the proper guide lines agreed in the document, but, "we realised that the senate should function for us to have the constitution and eventually hold elections.

    “We need reforms before we go for polls so they are some bills and amendments that need to pass through the senate," said Mutambara.

    He also pointed out that the parties also realised that the national budget that was presented by Finance Minister would be rendered useless if the Senate did not operate.

    This, however, could be another outmanoeuvring by Mugabe who always has another card up his sleeve, has the courts in his pockets and can always manipulate the SADC to his will.

    Tsvangirai has given in in the interest of the nation again, but Mugabe has not given anything, which is how their relationship has been from the beginning. Mugabe does not care about anything except staying in power, while Tsvangirai is forced into compromises for the sake of the people. (No Senate Deal, MDC Chief Whip). – Changezimbabwe