ZAPU rocked by infighting


    He said this in a Press Statement in reaction to current problems afflicting the province also punctuated by a bogus Press Statement containing atrocious allegations reportedly being circulated by an anonymous writer who used a pseudo name.

    Many believe the bogus Press statement also fowarded to us was penned by an unidentified member within ZAPU-Europe whose intentions, they said, are yet to be known. As such, Ndlovu dismissed the controversial and unreferenced statement as a freak.

    The editor also declined to give credence to the fake statement and spiked it away.

    However, yesterday the province met in Leicester to try and rescue the fast deteriorating political situation in the province following accusations against the Arthur Molife led executive which is said to have crumbled into two antagonistic factions.

    Ndlovu fired his first salvo after the meeting and warned that the party would not tolerate “infiltrators”. He warned that ZAPU-Europe has been tried and tested before making reference to the attempt by Paul Siwela and Agripa Madlela to block the party’s 9th Congress in Bulawayo which ended as an embarrassment for them.

    In the end ZAPU prevailed, he said.

    He said, as such, “ZAPU Europe has been tried and tested – there have been divisions before and we have emerged stronger. I am proud that the current national Secretary General and a pool of NPC members products of ZAPU Europe”.

    Ndlovu dug in and warned those trying to infiltrate the party with hidden agendas, saying: “They can infiltrate us or sabotage our work, nonetheless, people of Zimbabwe have realised that the only party with permanent solutions to problems we face is ZAPU through its principle of devolution of power plus Technology”.

    He said contrary to the bogus, statement making rounds “ZAPU office-bearers in all our structures are elected by the people – not appointed by individuals. As a democratic institution, there are protocols to be observed, one cannot decide to channel his or her grievances through media under pseudo names. What is happening within the structures of ZAPU are test of times, the true cadres will remain unshaken”.

    “They say you can only move a stone but not a rock, ZAPU is a rock founded by our forefathers, and therefore, no-one will be able to resist the winds of devolution of power,” he said.

    Ndlovu said ZAPU dismisses with contempt suggestions that the vice chairperson submitted a resignation letter. He said the party also reject the insinuations that the senior party officials are plotting against Secretary General Ralf Mguni.

    “The writing is on the wall, the cynics are working tirelessly to destabilise ZAPU Europe province. It is so, because they are aware that members of ZAPU in Europe have contributed enormously towards the progress of the party at home,” he said. – ZimDiaspora