Zimbabwe school choir to sing in Marblehead


    That life-changing experience is what she wants to offer other young people from Zimbabwe, so this December, Moyo has made arrangements for the Tyndale School Choir to fly to Boston from Zimbabwe and tour New England.

    “They will be visiting the New England area from Dec. 3-28,” she says. “The choir is comprised of 25 boys and girls ranging in age from 9 to 12, along with five teachers (plus the school head) accompanying them. The choir sings Christian songs, as well as traditional Zimbabwe songs.”

    St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church in Marblehead will host the Tyndale School Choir for a concert at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 5 at 67 Cornell Road, Marblehead. The concert is free and open to the public. A free-will offering will be collected.

    Two years ago, with only funding by individual and group donations, Moyo organized a tour for theWatershade High School choir from Zimbabwe. It was a group of 25 including two teachers.

    “Their tour was a success,” Moyo notes, “although there I fell into some potholes a number of times!” she adds with a cheerful laugh. “The visit opened doors for many of the boys and girls.  A number of them are now attending college in the United States, as well as all over the world.”

    Benefits of the concert are not just for the students, she says. “Lives have been touched and changed; for the children as well as for those who heard them preach by their singing.”

    Like the Watershade High School tour two years ago, Moyo points out, “I have a budget of zero dollars! I need as much help as possible.

    “Just bear in mind that the children work very hard to raise their own money to come all the way from Zimbabwe to here. This is not an easy task especially in a country like Zimbabwe and also bear in mind that these kids have flown thousands and thousands of miles to come and minister to us,” she explains.

    “These children have never seen the snow or experienced winter weather and are in need of certain of winter clothing,” Moyo observes.The choir also hopes to be able to collect musical instruments and laptop computers to take back to the Tyndale School for the other children to benefit from their tour.

    With the help of the Magic Hat consignment store, members of St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church have answered the call. Through donations from members of the congregation and from The Magic Hat consignment store operated by the Marblehead PTO, winter clothing for the Tyndale children and their adult chaperones has been collected and turned over to Rev. Moyo. Church members have also collected food, toiletries, and other needs for the group during their stay in the area.

    The Tyndale choir will participate in a soup supper at St. Stephen’s after their concert and they will have breakfast there Monday, Dec. 6. Before they leave Marblehead that morning they will sing a few songs for the children in the St. Stephen’s Nursery School.

    “This will be an opportunity to touch and change the lives of these kids,” says Rev. Moyo. “I also believe that their visit here will change the lives of many and up lift our own choirs.  It will be an inspirational event for all.”

    For additional information about the Tyndale School Choir tour or about contributions, contact St. Stephen’s at 781-631-2756, the St. Stephen’s concert coordinator, Cheryl Boots, at 781-639-4038, or the Rev. Moyo at 978-682-5305. – Marblehead Local