SADC has no relevance


    Being very critical, harsh and sceptical about SADC is my second nature so you will have to forgive me for my shortage of kind words for them. An idiot and invalid like Mugabe still tightly holds onto the power he lost over a decade ago because SADC idiots such as Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki wanted/want to prolong the rule of the ANC and to do that, they have to please the racist majority in the ANC, people with names such as Julius Malema. “Hyenas”, these people who run SADC are the real Hyenas, toothless ones for that matter.

    Just like Mugabe, The ANC is so scared of losing power and the only way they can please, is to support the racist agenda to stay afloat. Racism plays a big role in African politics and at the helm of this racist movement are Robert Mugabe and his Zanu – PF followers who find the existence of non-racial politics illusionary. In the 70’s, Robert Mugabe was preaching the gospel of non racial politics because that earned him a lot of brownie points but that pot is since empty and his true colours are being shown.

    There is no SADC leader who seems to want the situation in the region fixed, maybe Khama – I almost believed that Khama was decent but his true colour shone brighter than the facade he was putting on. Deep down inside, Khama applauds Mugabe just like the rest of them. You might think that because Khama is half-white then he might be inclined to his maternal side but you cannot be more wrong than that- this is an analysis from someone who is completely fed up and angry with SADC, but the reality stays the same, all SADC leaders are a bunch of useless despots.

    My hatred for SADC runs deep in and I fail to find anything useful it does apart from prolonging its racist agenda that was discredited a long time ago. In Zimbabwe the people spoke but SADC cares not about the people’s voice. I know it is African tradition to respect our elders but Robert Mugabe is an elder I would stone and feel no remorse – harsh as it is, sadly, it is true.

    Some time ago, (sorry my dates will not be as precise as the learned people in Zanu- PF who have enough degrees for the whole planet). Anyway, some time ago, the so-called SADC tribunal made a judgement against the government of Zimbabwe but Zanu – PF refused to do anything about it and SADC being as useless as they are, just backed down. There are so many things that make my blood boil when the name SADC is mentioned but for the sake of time, I will restrict myself to the points I mentioned above and to the fact that SADC is not beneficiary to the citizens and residence of member states. For example, there is no freedom of movement and of trade within the region.

    Do you remember the queues at the South African embassy to get a visa and all the hassle and harassment from the so-called SADC brothers and sisters? Trade alone is a big issue, next time you import something from a SADC member state and you are fined through import duty for doing that. Remember there is an angry person who just feels the same as you do and wishes SADC never existed as its only purpose has only been prolonging racism and poverty that belongs in the history books together with them.

    If you are Zanu – PF, SADC or just someone who thinks my hatred for SADC is like blinds on a horse and my sight is focused in one direction. I will be more than happy to turn and listen to you while you try to justify yourself and after that I will inevitably face the other  way and continue with harsh my approach.