Zanu-PF poised for resounding victory – Khaya Moyo


    Speaking at a fund-raising dinner in Harare on Wednesday to mobilise resources for the 11th Zanu-PF National People’s Conference in Mutare next month, Khaya Moyo urged the party to vigorously prepare for the polls by revitalising its structures.

    "Elections are coming, yes, and Zanu-PF is winning the elections resoundingly," he said.

    Khaya Moyo said there would be no imposition of candidates during primary elections to nominate those who will represent the party in the polls scheduled for mid-next year.

    "I am going to stand in Plumtree for the primaries. If I lose I will support the winner.

    "I hope we shall exercise maximum discipline and listen to the people . . .

    "Zanu-PF is an unstoppable machine. For those who are not Zanu-PF as yet, it is not too late," he said.

    Khaya Moyo Zanu-PF and the people of Zimbabwe would never befriend the enemy.

    "We can never be friends with those who want to recolonise us.

    "We cannot be friends with those who want to direct us because it is not their business.

    "We will not agree with anyone who dreams that Zimbabwe will be another Rhodesia again."

    On the people’s conference, which will be held at Marymount Teachers’ College from December 15 to 18, Khaya Moyo said the meeting would mark a turning point in Zimbabwe’s history.

    "The 11th National Conference of Zanu-PF is going to be a revolutionary conference, a turning point.

    "It is going to change our lives. The coming conference means business about the present and future of this country.

    "We are supported by history. Hundreds of thousands of our people lost their lives and thousands were maimed," he said.

    The theme for this year’s conference is "Total control of our resources through indigenisation and empowerment".

    Khaya Moyo said now that the land was back to its rightful owners, there was need to empower people economically.

    "We are going to achieve what we went for war for. The land is in our hands.

    "The economy is what we are facing now and that we must achieve," he said.