Mugabe and SADC set to impose Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe President


    A member of the army stationed at the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Directorate (MID) revealed to The Zimbabwe Mail with supported secret military communications documents marked "Highly Classified" that the Zimbabwe National Army is on course for a full scale deployment across the country with their full combat equipment and orders to carry out raids on innocent villagers.

    SADC, South Africa and Thabo Mbeki

    The source said Zanu PF, with the assistances of South Africa’s ruling party ANC and other regional SADC States are involved in a plot to influence the imposition of a requirement in the new Constitution which will see a sitting President retiring from office and his party nominating his successor. A majority vote will then be passed in Parliament for the new President to take charge for the remainder of the term without calling for general elections.

    Mugabe has reiterated that the country will go for elections before June next year to undo the ill conceived power sharing agreement signed with the two MDCs in September 2008, but we can reveal that this is all according to the long political process backed and crafted with the assistance of the government of former South African President Thabo Mbeki.

    High level Zanu PF sources this week made the startling revelation that the defence minister unknown to many, has had an invisible hand in the crafting of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) whose brainchild is former South African leader Thabo Mbeki. Mnangagwa we gather spent considerable time going up and down to South Africa soon after Mugabe was defeated by MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, where he would meet up in Pretoria with Mbeki then President on several occassions to nudge a solution whose outcome would protect Mugabe and Zanu PF from losing political power. The GPA forming the coalition government in Harare was then initiated secretly by Mbeki, with cosmetic broadbased participation of the two MDC’s negotiators sources said.

    "Mnangagwa, Mbeki, Mugabe and the army generals really know where this GPA thing is going," a Zanu PF central committee member has said in privacy. "You see they somehow control the process, because they conceived it way ahead of our partners in the inclusive government. Mnangagwa himself is using it for his own political calculations, that’s why you hear talk of elections and not surprising the re-surgence of violence at these constitutional meetings. It’s all meant to test the waters and position Zanu PF for future victory. The problem in this country is that investigative journalisim is dead, therefore our people will continue being in the dark with regards to the political matrix in government."        

    The Zimbabwe succession plan has been foisted to the less sophicticated new South African government led by Jacob Zuma.

    China and Russia 

    The Chinese and the Russians have weighed in as part of a whole raft of a package to assist South Africa obtain a sit in the UN Security Council and an invitation for Africa’s richest nation into the BRICs – a coalition of World’s vibrant emerging economies made up of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

    China is also understood to be backing Mnangagwa as a better replacement to Mugabe. Interestingly, the defence minister seems to have deep chemistry with the chinese after having attended the Beijing School of Ideology, run by the Chinese Communist Party in the 1970s. Mnangagwa also received military training from China and later in Egypt.


    In recent months, South Africa’s ruling party’s ANC key figures have been secretly awarded access to Zimbabwean diamonds and other mineral riches in exchange of key roles and the backing of a transitional political process that would keep Zanu PF in power long after Robert Mugabe is gone.

    It is this political process unravelling in Zimbabwe which was authored by President Robert Mugabe himself with the assistance of former South African President Thabo Mbeki and executed by former South African Presidency’s Director-General Reverend Frank Chikane, the chief principal negotiator for the Zimbabwe coalition talks.

    Reverend Chikane is the brother of the controversial Kimberley Process’s Zimbabwe diamonds monitor Abbey Chikane.

    The two Southern African liberation political parties, ANC in South Africa and ZANU PF in Zimbabwe both share the same history in violence and mentality and therefore, for them tolerance of a new party coming into power, especially emerging from the union movement like the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Zimbabwe, and South Africa’s Cosatu simply is not on the agenda.

    The discovery of immensely rich diamond fields in Zimbabwe have emboldened South Africa’s ruling elite and this has raised the grand scale of political skulduggery using SADC to work against the Movement for Democratic Change or any other opposition movement in Zimbabwe.

    With an election coming up in Zimbabwe, the MDC and most opposition parties faces the predicament of staying out of the poll or facing another stolen election with the South African government and a majority of SADC States playing key roles in the trampling rough shod on the will of Zimbabwean people leading to the imposition of a man who is much more ruthless than Robert Mugabe himself. The man who has lost Parliamentary elections in his own backyard.

    Senior ANC official, secretary general Gwede Mantashe has already uttered statements warning that criticism of the South Africa government from Cosatu, ANC’s coalition partners from the South African labour union movements, is tantamount to a Zimbabwe’s MDC-like flirtation. Zimbabwe’s MDC was found with the backing of the country’s main labour union ZCTU. 

    Mantashe has labelled the Movement for Democratic Change a creation of the West, and this follows recent rabid attacks on the MDC by ANC Youths League President Julius Malema.

    Already, the plan to kick start the election rigging process in Zimbabwe has began with the massive ID cards and passport registration process currently being carried out in South Africa and Harare for exiled Zimbabweans, albeit with the aid of South African government agencies.

    Early next year South African authorities will drive out millions of Zimbabwean refugees ahead of Zimbabwean elections and hence the South African’s Home Affairs Ministry’s’ deadline of December 2010 for is well in schedule to the Zimbabwean elections.

    It is therefore not rocket science that Robert Mugabe is insisting on elections next year and South African President Jacob Zuma was the first to pronounce the same earlier this year, only to be rebuked by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

    Violence and rigging elections 

    Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, the success of the proposed Mugabe-Munangagwa succession plan is build on the basis of Zanu PF securing a landslide majority in Parliament and this will be enabled by massive unprecedented State assisted political violence on rural populations by joint security forces aided by party militia and mercenaries from the Great Lakes region.

    The plan is to carry out these atrocities well ahead of the arrival of foreign election observers and international monitors, a source said on condition of anonymity.

    The political cleansing operation in the country side will see Zanu PF re- take the majority of rural constituencies including those held by the Movement for Democratic Change.

    SADC states who are mainly loyal to President Robert Mugabe with the backing of South African government will immediately declare the elections free and fair and pressure will be mounted on the opposition not to contest the results. South African bases for the opposition will be closed down and arrest warrants issued for any exiled MDC leaders stationed in South Africa.

    On retaining power, President Mugabe will step down in a year’s time and his party will nominate Mnangagwa as his successor, a process which will be rubber stamped by Parliament by a majority vote.

    With its new position in the UN Security Council, South African government and its SADC allies will crank up the pressure to the international community to accept Mnangagwa as the new undisputed leader in Zimbabwe.

    Key figures in the Western governments, the United States and United Kingdom will be given access to the country’s mineral resources alongside the Chinese on condition that they lobby for the acceptance of "President Emmerson Mnangagwa" into the international fold.

    Efforts are already underway to approach the new British coalition government through business and mining investors linked to Mnangagwa’s proxy business associates who have been awarded rights to mine platinum and Gold.

    Meanwhile, the rural pre-election political cleansing operation which will be administered by the Zimbabwe National Army’s Brigade commanders and has been dubbed "Operation Last Chimurenga" will soon establish "defensive barriers" and enforce no-go areas for the opposition in the months ahead.

    Small groups of heavily armed army patrol units will move into villages to carry out "re-education" campaigns aimed at instilling fear through mental torture of rural people.

    Identified opposition supporters will be silenced and those who resist will be killed in front of villagers with their heads decapitated in what will be dubbed "Operation headless chicken".

    Every village head is now a Zanu PF ward leader, doubling up as the Village Development Committee chairman (VIDCO), who replaced the colonial times Kraal heads.

    In the Zimbabwe Voters Roll Register Database Management System batch header, the VIDCO Chairman will be ordered to mobilise database member batches of all people in the his cell or ward (Village) and he will be assisted by security forces and the data will be submitted to provincial Governors in those in batch headers and their members.

    The Governors will then submit the data to the Registrar General who will manage it on behalf of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and by the time the elections are conducted Zanu PF will be in a position to know exactly the precise numbers in the each rural constituencies and on the polling day, no member in the batch will be turned away, while those in urban areas struggles to find their names – "enda kwawakambovhotera last time" (go where you voted last time).

    Reports say, the Zimbabwe electoral voters register database management system software was designed and is still being run by an Israel company called Cogniview.

    However, in recent months the company has denied any association with Robert Mugabe’s regime and writing on his blog Cogniview CEO Yoav Ezer has called the story "codswallop".

    In the country side, the office of the Registrar General is already busy issuing National ID cards and birth certificate whereas those in the urban areas have to put up with long queues and high standards set to put them off or they are asked to go to rural bases.

    The information on new birth certificates and national ID cards is being secretly relayed to village VIDCO chairman who would then mobilises young villagers to take ID Cards and Birth Certificates from mobile government agents. This is usually carried out during the legendary food-for-work programmes.

    The whole process is organised by the provincial Governors and it is therefore not rocket science that Robert Mugabe has remained adamant on the appointment Governors in the face of the MDC’s bitter protests.

    Meanwhile, alongside the military terror plan there are deadly Zanu PF militia hit squads trained in Angola and they will be working with Hutu and Tutsi refugees recruited from a refugee camps located in the Manicaland province.

    A fugitive former Rwandan general who is wanted by the UN for war crimes will be leading the mercenaries.

    Some of the refugee hit squads participated in the aborted 2008 Presidential run-off and they are renowned for their role in brutal cutting off hands in what was called "Operation short sleeve", and the gruesome cutting off of tongs and toggling of eyes of abducted MDC supporters.

    The hit squads will target opposition leaders at grass roots level, particularly in both the urban and rural areas to decimate the party’s structures.

    An internal army command signal which has already been circulated to all commanding officers is ordering them to cancel all leave days for serving members in the coming year and massive cash payments will be made in exchange.

    Political monster

    The newly created and expanded Zimbabwe National Security Council (ZNSC) to be chaired by Mnangagwa will replace the current Joint Operations Command (JOC).

    The Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Patrick Chinamasa has been tasked to fast track the Bill in order to create the legislation which will transform JOC into a massive political monster called Zimbabwe National Security Council (ZNSC) which will catapult Mnangagwa into power.

    ZNSC will include military commanders; State spy agents, police and prison Generals in addition to senior high ranking Zanu PF officials. In the coming year, its first role will be to roll out a full program of seeking Robert Mugabe’s re-election, ahead of the national constitutional referendum.

    The Zimbabwe National Security Council will be divided into various committee groups and former Information and Publicity Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s long time campaign strategist will be tasked to run its operations as chief strategic operations officer.

    Moyo, who will become the country’s Prime Minister when Mnangagwa takes charge, is said to be central to the overall plans and heading the strategic think-tank involved in the dark arts of Zanu PF power gamesmanship scheme and sources said he has already secured two floors at the Zanu PF HQ with a strong team making preparatory stages for the final assault to the close down of Robert Mugabe’s era.

    Across the country, soldiers and intelligence officers on reconnaissance missions have already been deployed in towns and country side across the country, reportedly to monitor MDC activities and positions.

    They have set up camps at local police stations and teamed up with local Zanu (PF) members in joint operations conducted at ward level, according to well placed sources.

    "We were deployed to take note of people’s grievances around town. Three-man teams comprising a CIO, Army and Zanu (PF) official would monitor political proceedings in various wards. The exercise was meant to bring back ‘normalcy’ among the electorate.

    Several army control stations have been established country-wide, equipped with stand-by generators to maintain a round-the-clock radio communication with other sub-stations and army headquarters," said the source.

    Other sources in the army confirmed that the reconnaissance teams were assisted by local Zanu (PF) members to identify influential MDC officials in each ward for future action.

    "It was felt strategically correct to deploy the army now, as deploying it towards election time would raise eyebrows among the international community. This is a military state and the army would not want to take any chances. The political playing field has to be tilted in favour of Mugabe and Zanu (PF) now," said another soldier.

    Mugabe’s succession is a very serious matter in Zimbabwe, particularly in Zanu PF. Over the years, the two persons thought to be heading the race are, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and former military supremo, Solomon Mujuru, whose wife is one of Mugabe’s vice presidents. Mujuru is backing his wife in the race.

    Last month, at the burial of his brother Mnangagwa made a startling confession, that he was taught to destroy and kill, but in the same breath immediately said he had turned a new leaf and had found comfort in the arms of God.

    However, this week Mnangagwa told hundreds of people in the midlands city of Kwekwe that Zanu PF will continue to rule Zimbabwe even if Zimbabweans rejected it.

    "If you disagree with what is being said here, then there is nothing I can do about it and if you don’t vote for us in the next election, this country is huge, we will rule even if you don’t want," Mnangagwa said.

    Mnangagwa, is one of the most shrewd politicians in Zimbabwe who is referred to by those that know him well as "Ngwena" (the Crocodile), for his deadly ruthless streak in maiming opponents who crosses his path.

    "Ngwena" is fingered in most political murders and torture in both the opposition and Zanu PF that have taken place during Robert Mugabe’s 30 year rule.

    A United Nations report has also fingered him and the late army General Vitalis Zvinavashe as some of the individuals involved in the plunder of Democratic Republic of Congo, late in the 90s.

    Mnangagwa a qualified lawyer is said to have ganged up with Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, in tilting the GPA pendulum in favour of Zanu PF thus expalining the current order where the party has a grip on all powerful ministries such as defence, mining, justice, police and agriculture.

    Some of the key support which Mnangagwa secretly has inside Zanu PF, through a power plotting scheme fronted by his chief political strategic Jonathan Moyo reportedly includes, but is not limited to: Sydney Sekeramayi, Didymus Mutasa, Patrick Chinamasa, Ignatius Chombo, Joseph Made,  Kembo Mohadi, Obert Mpofu, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, and Webster Shamu. – *Additional reporting: Zimbabwe News Intelligence featuring Tsitsi Madiro (South Africa) and Gilbert Mushonga (Canada).