Zanu PF and ANC terrorists to meet


    According to the DA the National Youth Development Agency is a public entity and must act impartial "to advance the interest of all South Africa’s youth". Now this dysfunctional communist "public entity" is going to spend R30million of tax payers money on holding a communist party and the celebrators are North Korea, Cuba, Venezuala and other communist fascist countries.

    Previous locations for the "festival" includes Venezuela (2005), Algeria (2001) and Cuba (1997). Even Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF youth forms part of the party.

    This is bad news for democratic South Africans but what is worse? Our president, Jacob Zuma will attend the meetings and festival.

    Here is part of the statement from the NYDA:

    The progressive youth around the world that is preparing the XVII World Festival of the Youth and Students that is going to be celebrated on December in South Africa, and is devoted to Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro, examples of struggle for the young people, is conscious that the imperialist economical order has to change, that the struggle to defeat the imperialism is the only alternative to survive. We want to live in a world in peace, fraternity, solidarity and many social transformations, in favour of the human being, without starvation, poverty, wars and with the plenty access to education, health a healthful environment, in a world where the friendship, solidarity and the mutual understanding coexist.

    Here’s the General council:

    Africa ANC–YL South Africa EYL Ethiopia JMPLA Angola SWAPO–YL Namibia UJSARIO Western Sahara ZANU PF–YL Zimbabwe To be ratified further by the GC upon consensual proposal of the African Region

    Asia & Pacific AIYF India BYU Bangladesh DNYF Nepal HCYU Vietnam JLSY Japan KISSYL DPRK SSU Sri Lanka

    Europe & North America EDON Cyprus JCP Portugal KNE Greece KSM Czech Republic UJCE Spain YCL USA YTKP Turkey

    Latin America & Caribbean FJC Argentina JCV Venezuela JFMLN Salvador JUCO Colombia UJC Cuba UJC Uruguay UJS Brazil

    Middle East Al-Shabeeba Bahrain GUPS Palestine SCYU-KBY Syria UJDL Lebanon UNJA Algeria YCL Israel YYGU Yemen

    And more:

    The 17th World Festival of Youth and Students will be held having before it a rich past of WFYS experience, particularly the experience from the 16th WFYS, held in Caracas – Venezuela, in August 2005, which success represents a big responsibility and a big hope for the 17th WFYS, that will happen in Pretoria – South Africa, in December, 2010. The 17th WFYS in South Africa states and underlines the anti-imperialist character of the World Festivals of Youth Students.

    The firm confrontation with imperialism was the key element for WFYS resistance, with an important contribution from the progressive and socialist countries. The international, mass participation of the youth and students and political-cultural characteristics are elements that we should reinforce, alongside with the solidarity with South Africa resistance to any type of imperialist intervention, building a multicultural and multinational country of peace, sovereignty and social justice, now that the brave struggle of the South African people and youth have broken the grids of apartheid.

    Furthermore, organizing the 17th WFYS in the African continent is a sign of support to the African youth, who so bravely struggles against the new waves of imperialism, whether it is on its military expression, by implementing military bases all over the continent (particularly the dangerous US project of AFRICOM) and the growing military presence in Somalia; or on its political and economic expression by attempting to force all countries to bend to the imperialist wills, punishing with sanctions all those who refuse to accept this new sort of neo-colonialist offense against their countries and peoples.