ZAPU Press statement


    As a result poverty has worsened in Zimbabwe. The number of people living in misery especially women and children has risen to the levels not recorded in the country’s history.

    The ZAPU structures have forwarded the names of all members who aspire to serve their country in all levels of government structures (local government, constituencies, and senatorial level) to the Secretary General’s office. The submission of names to the SG’ s office follows ZAPU president Dr Dumiso Dabengwa’s request saying “Party members from all provinces should identify candidates they want to represent them at constituency and provincial levels”.

    ZAPU is excitedly received by people from all walks of life, people are not only happy for the revival of ZAPU but, it’s clear programmes of action, manifesto and party ideology. The manifesto gives hope to all Zimbabweans. ZAPU bestows clear strategies on how the policy will be implemented when in government.

    ZAPU is on schedule to meet its target of re-organising the party and electing substantive structures from branch to provincial level. Re-organising the party programme is the way forward which was adopted by the 9th Congress convened in August 2010 at Trade Fair grounds, Bulawayo. ZAPU Europe province has taken the lead in carrying out the structuring exercise getting ready for elections in 2011.

    During the launch of Brighton branch on the 30th October 2010, in Brighton City in East Sussex, more than 40 people applied for membership on the day. The number of people applying through our online services has increased ten fold. In his message (ZAPU Europe Province chair) said “We need to significantly increase our Provincial Membership Numbers and raise the general support for our truly democratic party (ZAPU)”.

    The Brighton branch launch meeting was also attended by ZAPU top officials including Secretary General Dr Ralph Mguni . When quizzed about the ZAPU strategies to win the elections, the Secretary General said “ZAPU was a people’s party, a grassroots party, ZAPU did not believe in politics of showmanship, politics of populism where leaders seek to live in opulence and enjoy making grandstanding statements and speeches devoid of solid backing by their party’s policies”. Moreover, ZAPU will mingle with the people wherever they are, identify their needs and work with them to meet those needs, ZAPU does not believe in doing things for the people but believes in doing things with the people, people being in control of their situation and destinies.

    The chairperson of Europe Zimbabwe African Women’s Union (ZAWU) Nomazulu Thata in preparation for elections said, “The hardships of life mean mothers and fathers have become less sensitive to the basic needs of their own offspring. A nation with a street population of the magnitude we have in Zimbabwe cannot prosper, because the nation has lost one of its most vital resources: the children who are its future”.
    Beyond the shores of Europe, Canada, USA, RSA and Zimbabwe structures are working around the clock to complete the structuring exercise by all means necessary.

    The 9th Congress also resolved that the concept of devolution of power to be extended to mean a fair share and allocation of resources to all regions for the benefit of local indigenous people and development efforts to recognise that regions have comparative advantage over others and those advantages to be taken into account in development initiatives. ZAPU is not calling for devolution of power policy to be implemented in Matebeleland only, as others suggest. The devolution of power policy must be implemented to all regions other than used as a carrot and stick policy.

    The ZAPU structuring exercise has been a cause for concern to other political parties in Zimbabwe, as we are witnessing the collapse of their structures from one province to another. Sponsored violence, torture, curfews and starving people to death are clear indications that they have nothing to offer people of Zimbabwe. Recently, John Landa Nkomo the Vice President said,
    “Those campaigning for the resuscitation of Zapu were spitting on the late Dr Joshua Nkomo’s grave and were trying to reverse a decision made with the interests of the nation at heart as there were two congresses held prior to the signing of the Unity Accord”

    He must be reminded that the people’s party (ZAPU) has long pulled out of Unity Accord if he is still dozing. We cannot rule out other factors which are the cause of concern to a person of his statue to forget so easily. For that reason, we take this opportunity to remind him that the Special Congress convened on the 8th December 20008 resolved that The Unit Accord with ZANU be rendered ineffectual and was terminated with immediate effect.

    The Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and the leader of MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, received the International Association Consultants’ (IAPC) democracy Medal in Paris. Yet he was booed at the Small City Hall in Bulawayo for failing to acknowledge one of the most respected leaders in the country Dr Dumiso Dabengwa. The leader who fought for the rights of mankind regardless of tribe, creed, gender, religion and colour.

    When quizzed by the participants about the whereabouts of Matebeland Zambezi Water Project (MZWP) chairperson he said “The chairman . . . chairman of what? I don’t know what chairman. If there is a chairman of some other initiative, he should have been invited here. I’ll not answer for those that invited people and failed to invite the chairman,’’ Moreover, they (MDC) have shifted from the fighting for change concept to championing the devolution power concept, WHY?
    ZAPU expresses disapproval of corruption in all levels of government and supports organisations which are striving to better the lives of all Zimbabweans.

    The Zimbabwe African People’s union (ZAPU) the main opposition party in Zimbabwe was formed in 1961 after the banning of its predecessor, the National Democratic Party (NDP). The genocide carried out against ZAPU members forced it to sign the Unity Accord of 1987, so as to stop the massacre of its members. ZANU (PF) government did not stop with these massacres, but continued to violate human rights.

    Artwell Ndlovu

    Secretary for Information, Publicity and Marketing
    ZAPU Europe Province